1. You have said something really creepy to someone you’re friends with on Facebook, but not friends with IRL after running into them at a bar.You’re working at [company here] now right?!” You’re not supposed to know that — or at least admit that you know that. What is wrong with you?!

2. You bring your phone to the bathroom and end up sitting on the toilet refreshing your feeds even if you aren’t actually going to the bathroom. This problem is real guys.

3. The first thing you do in the morning: TIMEHOP! Best invention ever. Until next year, when everything will seem like you just saw it last year (because you did).

4. Pinterest’s “picked for you” pans are so accurate it hurts (your bank account).

5. You sleep between a devil and an angel, and you tend to give into the devil. The angel being your sig oth and the devil being your phone. You’d rather touch your phone first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night instead of a real human being. Shame on you.

6. Keeping up with your Twitter account gives you anxiety. It’s basically a full-time job. You should hire someone for sure.

7. Sometimes you catch yourself refreshing your Facebook newsfeed over and over again to find nothing new wondering “why.” YOU JUST CAN’T QUIT, even though everyone else apparently has.

8. You’re not sure why everyone stops making Snapchat stories during the week and goes HAM with selfies and videos over the weekend. You need entertainment 24 hours a day 7 days a week — let’s go people.

9. You have memorized all of the filters on Instagram and know which ones would work best for your photos before even applying them. The decision between lo-fi and valencia has never gotten any easier though.

10. When you’ve gone through all of your social networks multiple times to find nothing is changing, you resort to LinkedIn, where literally nothing ever changes. The most boring social media network for sure. Next!

11. Your mood is totally dependent on how many “likes” you have on your latest Instagram, prof pic, status update, etc. Maybe you should sign off and experience SOCIAL INTERACTION. Sometimes it’s more pleasing to have people like you IRL instead of just liking your posts on the Internet, right?


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