Summer may have ended a while ago, but in our minds the transition to fall is still taking place. Not only is it hard to admit the end is here, but adjusting to fall is hard. Here are 11 struggles of transitioning from summer to fall that we all know far too well because fall is trying to ruin our lives, obviously.

1. Switching from iced coffee to hot coffee.


The horror.

2. Having to put on pants.


But putting on a dress is so much easier. AND MY LEGS JUST WANT TO BE FREE.

3. Deciding when you should break out the boots.


We all know switching from sandals to boots means SUMMER IS OFFICIALLY OVER. It also means you’re going to have to wake up slightly earlier to make time for the daunting task that is putting on boots. Fuck this shit, amiriteee.

4. Finding the time to put your summer clothes and accessories away.


I put this off because 1. I know the minute the bright dresses are replaced with dark long sleeved oversized shirts in my closet, my life will be that much more depressing and 2. this task takes, like, a good 6 hours to complete, and I am not about to give up a weekend to stay indoors or give up a morning to start the project and then have boxes of clothes everywhere for the four weeks it takes me to finish “winterizing” my closet. The struggle is real.

5. Losing your tan.


And then figuring out how to make yourself look tan. And then realizing its not going to happen, so coming to terms with the fact that you just can’t take selfies until next summer.

6. Being tired all the time because it gets dark out so early now.


“I don’t feel like working out today,” said everyone during Fall.

7. Trying not to be basic, but wanting to do basic things, like apple picking and anything involving pumpkins.


It’s not our fault that sweaters and coffee and pumpkins and apples have been deemed “basic.” It’s like, how are you supposed to exist without those things during fall? You can’t. It’s science.

8. Not knowing whether or not you should wear a coat.


And always making wrong choice, no matter what.

9. Losing all of your free time during weeknights because THERE IS SO MUCH TV TO WATCH.


Can I hang out this Tuesday night? No. I have a show on at 8, a show on at 9, and another show on at 10, and then I’m going to be bed past my bedtime at 11 because television is more important than my well being. And yes I know I could watch this show On Demand or something, but what is the point of watching TV if you aren’t going to live tweet it?

10. Starting to eat all the foods you refused to eat during summer because of bikini season, and then gaining weight because of it.


Do I want that piece of chocolate? Well, I don’t have to wear a bikini this weekend, so SURE WHY NOT.

11. Knowing that winter is coming.

giphy (4)

There is literally nothing to look forward anymore. All that is on the horizon is cold weather, snow, tons of traffic, short days, pale skin, hibernation, social-less weekends… I could go on… but I won’t because this list already sucks enough and now that you read it, your day is probably ruined. SORRY I’M NOT SORRY. There’s always wine…


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