Remember the episode of Gilmore Girls when Rory, Lorelai and the grandparents visited Yale and it was full of college pride and historic buildings and the quaintest campus you could ever imagine? Well, that was essentially the bar I had set for what my college experience should be like. (Over 10 years ago) I toured a dozen schools before getting that feeling. 

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I may be biased, but Auburn, Ala. is the most quintessential college town with the greatest college EVER: Auburn University. Beyond the historic brick buildings, tree-lined sidewalks and perfect archways, here’s 11 things that I miss terribly about being an Auburn student:

1. Sunsets. Now, I’m not the most well-traveled girl, but I’d argue any day that Auburn has the best sunsets. Because just like our school colors, they’re orange and blue and completely breathtaking.

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2. RBD Library. Come on, you know you miss that library. I would camp out there for days to study for finals, living only off of the basement coffee shop and occasional visits to the third floor, where you always saw friends who were in a shared state of delirium.

3. The pride. If you’ve ever met someone from Auburn, you have most certainly heard the phrase “War Eagle!” You’ve probably heard them talk about Auburn like it is the promise land. They say they bleed orange and blue and they’ll call any fellow Auburn pal family. I miss the passion and excitement of being immersed in something so infectious.

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4. Hungover lunches. On a Sunday in Auburn, I’d head to Acapulco’s, Nihon Express or Fuji Sushi to fill up on carbs and reminisce on the happenings of the night before with all of my girlfriends.

5. Big Blue Bagel. I ate a lot of bagels in college. So, I can somewhat expertly say Big Blue had the best. What I would do for that glorious veggie cream cheese right now (coupled with my college metabolism that allowed me to eat said bagel).

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6. “The Beach.” When I went to Auburn, it was a common pastime to grab your bathing suit and head to The Beach. This beach was actually a grassy field near the dorms that we’d lay out in and do absolutely nothing for hours. College = so much free time.

7. Rodeo. Because going to college in Alabama would not be complete without something so stereotypical. Imagine spring break + tailgate + themed fraternity party all in one.

Source: The Chive

8. Overly friendly people. Auburn’s campus has the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. The university even hosts an event each year called Hey Day. It’s really what it sounds like. “HEYYYY!” to everyone you see. I could really use a Hey Day in the real world.

9. Skybar. Two words: The List. While half of the town was on “the list,” you still felt so freaking cool for being on the list. Eight years later, I am still on the list (currently brushing my shoulders off). Skybar is the home of $3 liquor drinks, a front bar and a back bar, killer music and the best night of your life, guaranteed.

Source: Skybar Cafe Facebook

10. Cheap rent. My senior year apartment was $900/month for a 3-bedroom! Tell me where else you can get a nice, big apartment with all of the amenities for $300? Not in the real world, that’s for sure.The best for last.

11. Gameday. I miss every possible thing about Auburn football game days. For one, as a student you get season tickets for somewhere around $80 (Face value for one game: $85). The best memories made in Auburn were tailgating in the amphitheater, watching the eagle fly, cramming 10 people into a portion of the student section probably made for four and of course rolling Toomer’s Corner.

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Did I miss anything? Tell us what you would add.

War Eagle.


Laura DePeters is a (very) late twenty-something living in Atlanta with her husband and pup. A full-time social media supervisor, she's constantly trolling the web. She's an avid SEC college football fan (war eagle!) and enjoys trying to make real life more like Pinterest-life. Can be found watching reality TV, attempting to play tennis and ransacking the clearance section. Twitter: @ladepeters | More on me:


  1. I didn’t go to Auburn, but i definitely agree with cheap rent! I certainly miss that about college. I love the post!

  2. Laura DePeters Reply

    Thanks, Shauna! It’s been great to hear what people miss and remember most about their respective universities.

  3. I miss hearing the fight song played by the bells at Samford Hall at noon everyday!

    • Laura DePeters Reply

      Good one! Gets me teary just thinking about it.

  4. Recent alum (May) now in graduate school elsewhere. I miss everything about Auburn. But if I had to pick the top 3 you didn’t mention it would be:
    1.) brunch at The Hound on Sunday’s with friends
    2.) half limeade/lemonade at Toomers after a long day.
    3.) walking past Samford Hall and going “‘man, I love Auburn.”

    War Eagle y’all!

    • Laura DePeters Reply

      Good ones, Adam! Though I don’t know what The Hound is, so I am **THAT** old.

      • The Hound is the old “Old Auburn Ale House”.. I always wanted to go to AU, but instead, I settled in to work and raise my family in the best city in the state!

  5. Yeah, pass on sky bars 10 dollar cover. Much rather hit up bodega or Quixotes

  6. Niffers corn nuggets and home chips and Mexicali dip and fish bowls (no longer served full size), Supper Club, The Highlands (no longer there), parties at the Exchange (no clue if that’s still there), Byron’s BBQ, pita pit, and all the places that deliver food! Ok so this just made me feel old since most of what I miss has changed. But that’s how it goes!

    War Eagle!!

  7. The War Eagle Supper Club after the rolling of Toomers for some “cold beer, hot rock, and expect no mercy” is a must for everyone in Auburn. WDE

  8. Supper Club, late night Willies, Sani-Freeze (old school), having the Tiger card accepted EVERYWHERE, The gum pole that I walked by to class everyday with at least 1,000 pieces of old gum, Niffers, Amsterdam turkey wraps, Laredos, Chappy’s Deli, and basically everything in Auburn.

  9. Much older AU grad than those here, but miss all of the traditions same as you. We had Supper Club, Hungry Hunter, and in my Freshman year an old Urban Cowboy type bar called Darvo’s. Four for one drinks on Friday 2 until 7PM. And Free Movies…anyone else remember those?

  10. Lynn Jones Reply

    late night burritos at Terrible Terry’s, springtime at the quad, Saturday mornings in the fall, fall at Chewacla; lemonade at Toomer’s; football season and shooting pool at The Casino with the guys…

  11. There is nothing more Auburn than rolling the trees with your friends and family. Glad it’s on the list. War Eagle from Troy

  12. Trying not to get lost in the Haley Center, based off the way you were taught at Camp War Eagle. Having an early morning breakfast at FOY while jamming to MTV U, chatting with your buddies or cramming last minute exam info. But the thing I miss most is the family. The pride and joy that you feel on game day or when you meet an older alumni member and instantly have a connection just from having a passion for your school.

    It’s great to be an Auburn Tiger!

  13. Student tix are now $140 per season (and increasing every year), but that’s still cheap compared to a season of alumni tix! I think I had free time my freshman year, but that was because I never went to class. Lol I definitely agree with the sunset. I thought it was just me, but for some reason, they’re just prettier down here!

  14. My daughter will be a freshman this fall at AU. She can’t wait and I’m happy she’s going there. Thanks for the great ideas!

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