Getting someone the “perfect gift” can be a daunting task, especially that “significant other”. Whether you have been dating for a long period of time or just finished your first date—you don’t want to go over the top, but you don’t want to look cheap either, we get it. This guide will give you some direction about what gifts to get your boyfriend and it may also give you insight to which type of boyfriend you have, if you truly have no idea.

The Technologically Advanced Boyfriend

The GiftOtter Box: Defender Series

Price: $49.95-$59.95

Let’s be honest, just about everyone you know has an iPhone these days, so I’m guessing your boyfriend probably cashed in a paycheck to upgrade. This is a great gift for the tech savvy boyfriend who wants to keep his new gadget clean and protected. Now, if he turns into hulk when he gets drunk, this will probably not protect against an unexpected Gronk spike, but it will protect it from a clumsy sober drop quite well. It doesn’t break the bank, and comes in many colors, so you can customize it for your man.

The Gift: Virtual Keyboard from Brookstone

Price: $99

This is, although not entirely a new concept, a product that has continued to develop. I was able to test this version out at Brookstone and it was fun to use. This gift comes in right around $100 so it doesn’t break the bank, but is a unique gift that will make your tech loving boyfriend feel like he’s in a Star Trek movie.

The Athletic Boyfriend

The Gift: SIGG Water Bottle

Price: Roughly $30

Do you have a jock or gym rat in your life? Do you wish he spent a little more time on you than on the weight bench? Well, no guarantees that will happen, but like they say “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” so give him something he can use while he looks at himself in the mirror. SIGG water bottles are sleek and very reasonably priced for a nice reusable water bottle. So help him stay hydrated so he has energy for you after the gym.

The Gift: Sennheiser Adidas Sport Headphones

Price: $40-$80

No one likes to socialize face to face anymore, especially at the gym when they are “in the zone”. Headphones have become a staple for gym bags, but they typically don’t last long. Get your man a reliable pair of gym headphones that will keep him pumped up while he sweats, yells, and slams weights to the ground. Sennheiser, a well-known audio company, teamed up with Adidas to make a great pair of athletic headphones that are affordable, reliable, and fully waterproof. I have a pair myself and you can rinse them under running water after a workout with no repercussions.

The “Tom Brady” (aka The Metro Sexual Boyfriend)

The Gift: Urban Outfitters Double Cable-Knit Eternity Scarf

Price: $34

Scarves have become quite the trend for guys in the winter months—I’m sure if you have this type of boyfriend, he has probably told you already. The Urban Outfitter ‘double cable-knit eternity scarf’ would be great for your boyfriend. It is trendy, warm, and…did I say trendy? This scarf comes in many colors and you can’t go wrong with either one because your metro boyfriend will find a way to make it work, or shop so it makes the cut, it’s a win-win. For other ideas from Urban, shop Men’s cold weather accessories starting at $14 at Shipping is free on all orders over $50.

The Gift: Cologne

Price: $20-$100+

This is never a bad gift. I REPEAT: THIS IS NEVER A BAD GIFT. You literally can’t go wrong, unless they are allergic to the spray, then you have issues. But colognes range in price from about $20 to over $100 so you have plenty of leeway to spend what you feel is appropriate. Also, if you really like the scent, he will wear it for you and then you get something out of it too. Metro sexual men will not only make sure they look good when they leave the house but they will make sure they smell good, so you are in the clear with this gift.

The Adventurous Boyfriend

The Gift: Camelbak Fourteener

Price: $140

If you have that outdoors loving, trail blazing boyfriend, then a Camelbak is the perfect gift. Hydration pack with functionality, check! Their packs are great for shorter trail hikes or smaller adventures. The Fourteener by Camelbak is on the higher price spectrum, but makes for a great gift. They do have others that are lower in price, but this is a great size if they are a real outdoorsman. It is sure to make your Lewis and Clark inspired, other half, feel comfortable in the woods knowing he has the right gear.

The Gift: The North Face: Soft Shell Jacket

Price: $99-$350

The North Face is a company that has been making outdoor gear for a very long time, and has a great reputation. Of course they have their place in the world of college girls wearing them with UGGS, or maybe that is out of style, I don’t know. Anyways, their soft-shell jackets won’t break the bank and are a wonderful gift for those who love the outdoors. They are lightweight, but durable and warm, so in the colder months they are great for layering. There are many styles to choose from and all sorts of colors, so you will have just as much fun picking one out as he will opening the present.

The Young Professional Boyfriend

The Gift: Messenger Bag

Price: $25-$150+

Does your boyfriend have his first real job or a new job? Well, although functional, his days of lugging a backpack around are probably over, so help him complete his new professional look. Messenger bags are functional and they look great. They can hold his laptop and all sorts of other important business documents that he tells you about at the end of the day—even if he has no clue what they mean yet. If he is working in a very professional workplace, a leather messenger bag is the way to go, like the LL Bean one in the link below. Otherwise they come in canvas or nylon and although those look great too, leather is the most professional looking.

The Gift: Daily Planner/Portfolio

Price: $10-$60+

Although this seems like a gift that wouldn’t be used anymore thanks to the likes of iPhones, iPads, laptops, tablets, etc. You would be surprised, that some people still prefer writing their notes down first—especially in a meeting, it just looks more professional. You can find cheap ones in any office store like Staples or you can buy an expensive one that has monogrammed leather, which is up to you, but they are a good gift to help your man stay organized. Also, if you get one with a planner, maybe he will remember that date you are going on and skip happy hour for once.

Honestly, you really can’t go wrong when buying your boyfriend something for the holidays. He is either going to love it, or pretend that he loves it to make you happy, so you will see joy either way. If you have a good relationship though, the gifts won’t matter. In our consumer driven society people only focus on tangible gifts, but just spend time with each other and be happy, it will save you money. But, if you like to exchange gifts, I hope this list helps to narrow down your search for the perfect gift.

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