I’m keeping this list short because I wrote an awesome gift guide for brothers last year — and all the gifts are still relevant. See below for more ideas. Happy shopping!!

For The Brother Who Loves Day Drinking and Games

The Gift: Kan Jam Disc Set

The Price: 39.99

For The Brother Who Loves Himself… and Beer

The Gift: Beer Bottle Label

The Price: $11.99

Make his beer his own by branding it with… a picture of him!

For The Brother Who Is Always Running (And/Or Getting Lost)

The Gift: TomTom Multi-Sport GPS Watch

The Price: $199.99

This watch balls so hard, you might find Waldo.

For The Professional Drinker

The Gift: Vineyard Vines Brew Ski Tie

The Price: $75

This tie has brews on skis… HA.

For The Brother Who Tailgates

The Gift: Kickoff Bundle – Tailgate Grill & Grill Tools

The Price: $55.95

For The Brother Who Loves Clothes

The Gift: Shirt(s) from TJ Maxx or Marshalls

The Price: $16+

Binge clothing shop for him without paying full price!

For The Comfortable Brother

The Gift: North Face Men’s TKA 100 Microvelour Glacier 1/4 Zip

The Price: $55-$65

Who doesn’t love a new fleece?

For The Brother Who Just Moved Out

The Gift: Beer Glasses

The Price: 14.99

Because red solo cups just don’t cut it anymore.


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