There’s nothing more awkward than forced-fun Christmas at the workplace. The passive-aggressive yankee swaps. The visit from “santa” who is drunk on egg nog and who is actually Frank from marketing. And, of course, the greatest dilemma: what do I get these people with whom I spend a third of my day, but who I actually don’t know/don’t like in the slightest? Tricky….But hopefully we can make it easy on you.

For the Coworker Who Runs on Caffeine

The Present: Coffees, teas, accessories!

The Price: $5-$20

Nothing says “Merry Christmas I Hope This Makes You Less of a Jerk In the New Year” like a big cup of joe. Try a festive mug and seasonal grounds (and maybe a Bailey’s nip…tis’ the season), a Starbucks gift card or selection of Via packs, a desk-sized French press, or a coffee sampler. Maybe your secret santa is a tea drinker; give them some tea loose-leaf tea and a creative infuser (with or without pants).

For the Cubicle Warrior

The Present: USB Toys

The Price: $10-$40

These days, there is a USB toy for pretty much every situation. Did Suzie from accounting finally declare war on Marissa from HR? Get her a USB rocket launcher. Want to get a friend for Lonely Louise in accounts payable? How about a USB desktop aquarium. Is Paul from finance too busy to get a cool beverage from the fridge? Solution: USB mini-fridge. Does Mary from IT enjoy her coffee scalding hot? Bang! USB mug warmer.

For the Hard-Working Desk Jockey

Gift: Creative office supplies and cube decorations

Price: $5-$15

Cubicles are heartless, sullen places, so why not brighten up your coworkers desk with some creative and fun office supplies! Try decorations like photo clips or a pack of unique and colorful magnets. Pair that with a lovely notepad or some fun sticky notes. There are also calendars for every interest, from chickens to pandas to goats in trees (and everything in between). When all else fails, get them the rubber stamp we all wish we could have.

For the Whole Department

Gift: A DIY Treat

Price: $0-$10

Remember in grade school when you brought cookies for your best friend and then you got yelled at for not bringing enough to share? Christmas in the workplace can sometimes feel like that, but how are you supposed to get gifts for everyone without going bankrupt? Food. Delicious, homemade food. Try peanut brittle for a snack that won’t go stale or a unique puppy chow for a microwavable nosh. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you could create some pre-packaged hot chocolatequick bread, or brownie mixes. Make it special by picking out some festive packaging on the cheap.

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