During the holidays, it is important to remind the ones you care about that just because you may not return their phone calls or wear anything they buy you, you still love them, and are lucky they are in your life.

Here’s how to make your GRANDPARENTS’ holiday the best one yet…for almost free.

For the grandparent that had to pick up their grandchild from the police station when the parents were away











The Gift: Teach them how to video chat

The Price: $0

Skyping, Facetime, G chat…these are terms that YOU can introduce to your grandparents for free this Holiday season. They 10000% have iPads (last year’s cousins birthday present) – just make sure they bring it to Christmas eve dinner, give them a 101 before dessert,  and make sure to video them when you are hungover on January 1. There will be nothing better for them to say to their friends during early bird at Legal Sea Foods on New Years day, “my sweet pea taught me how to Facetime at Christmas.”

For the grandparent who’s grandchild got kicked out of camp for smoking weed by the camp director who is president of their temple







The Gift: Invite them to stay at your apartment for a night

The Price: $A night on your couch

This is a win-win. Not only will it be a wonderful excuse to not go out on a Friday night, you will undoubtedly get a free Chinese food dinner and a hilarious story for aroundthewatercooler on Monday. They also may decline all together, but the thought will still be appreciated.

For the grandparent who had their antique rug ruined by a drunk teenager








The Gift: Suggest a book to read together

The Price: $9.99

If you are ever in an awk convo with an old person, “what book are you reading?” is a never fail for a thrilling, and everlasting, exchange. You can always spot a grandparent nodding off on the couch before dinner with their library book open on their lap. They have a Kindle or iPad (or Nook) though, so next time you see them couching, sit right down next to them with your Kindle and choose that next pleasure read together. If you need a starting point, Holocaust books tend to be a great suggestion for this demographic.

For the grandparent who’s insurance raised after their grandchild got a speeding ticket in their car






The Gift: Let them choose the movie

The Price: $The popcorn

Grandparents hate watching movies, but they LOVE going to them! It’s like I saw Captain Phillips myself I got such a thorough overview from Mom Mom Jane during Thanksgiving! So whip out your Uggs, hit up Fandango, head to the Deluxe near you and settle down for some popcorn, and brownie points.

For the grandparent who’s grandchild hates everything they buy for them









The Gift: Cook a holiday dish especially for them

The Price: $Your Parents Credit Card

As a granddaughter of a gluten free Mom Mom, I took it upon myself to make a diet appropriate dessert since she couldn’t eat the Pumpkin or Pecan pie. Not only was she beyond touched as she watched me slave in the kitchen, I also got major accolades from diabetic Great Uncle Donald!

There you have it. Now get out there and be a good person!!!

Note: Monthly phone call dates also are a great gift, take it from me.



Hustla by day, Top Chef by night, Amanda lives in New York via New Orleans via Boston and is thoroughly enjoying the last year before the Quarter Life Crisis begins.

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