Buying for your significant other’s parents is always difficult. It’s just like buying for your own parents – only worse. Like any other adult, they’ve accumulated their share of “stuff” over the years and most things you can think to buy for them they already own, you’re not sure if they use (or if it would end up in the junk drawer), or is too expensive for your twenty-something paycheck.  Check out this list for ideas on what to buy your significant other’s parents:

For The Movie Buff

The Gift: Movie Tickets + Snacks

The Price: $20-$30

They’re always seeing the latest movies, so why not treat them to one? Purchase a gift card that can cover two tickets, popcorn and drinks at their local theater. Or if you’re feeling crafty, combine the gift card into a basket with a variety of candy they can sneak into the theater!

For The Locavore

The Gift: Locally made chips and salsa, jams, or snacks

The Price: $10

These parents are eco-friendly and always looking to try something new. Visit a local indoor farmer’s market or specialty store and purchase a few snacks for them to try! Great options are chips and salsa, jams and honey, or dried fruits and nuts!

For The Coffee Fiend

The Gift: Starbucks Gift Basket

The Price: Starting at $19.95

You know these parents – their day doesn’t truly begin until they’ve had at least one cup of coffee. Why not buy them a variety pack or gift set from Starbucks so they can try some holiday brews?

For The Foodie

The Gift: Nature Box

The Price: $19.95/month

Subscribe your SO’s parents to Nature Box or another “snack/beer/(insert food item here) of the month” and give them the gift that keeps on giving!

For The Wine Lover

The Gift: A Bottle (or two) of their favorite wine

The Price: Varies

Who doesn’t love free alcohol?

For The Person Who Has Everything

The Gift: Yankee Candle

The Price: Varies

This is the perfect gift when you’re stumped on exactly what to buy. Candles are a great gift for anyone and you can personalize the gift for your recipient’s likes. Candle warmers and plates are also a great addition to this gift!


Heather Burnett is a recent graduate of Ohio University’s E.W. Scripps School of Journalism where she studied public relations. She currently works in local search marketing in Columbus, OH during the day and pretends to still be 21 and a Bobcat at night. In her spare time, she enjoys happier hours (extending well beyond acceptable happy hour times), obsessing over pop culture, drinking too much coffee, fantasizing about a world where Harry Potter truly exists and embracing her puppy fever. (Seriously. She watches “Too Cute” every single time it’s on TV and finds herself “awe-ing” to her heart’s desire.) You can follow her @heather_burnett

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