1. That group picture of girls who are still in college. Suddenly you come to an abrupt realization that wearing crop tops and high-waisted shorts in the middle of January is completely irrational and was only okay when you did it.


2. That person who did that thing just so they could take that picture.


Like did that leaf really fall so eloquently on your nose while you laid in the grass embracing nature?

3. That selfie of the girl who just woke up with no make up.


I love when I wake up in fantastic lighting that blissfully accents the frame of my face and softens my natural, untouched ringlets…jk that never happens.

4. That picture of their niece, nephew, cousin, or random baby they saw at the airport.


Ummm did that baby sign a photo release?

5. That picture of Channing Tatum, Harry Styles, or whoever else you’re savagely obsessed with.


If I like it and unlike it every 68 minutes, he might notice my name popping up in his notifications, look at my profile out of serendipitous curiosity, fall in love with me, and then he’ll like one of my photos from 28 weeks ago so I know it’s real.

6. That picture of that tree and you’re pretty sure it didn’t look like that five minutes ago And then you remember this is not real life, this is filtered life.


Are those colors even on the visible spectrum?

7. That #really #fit #guy with #100 #hashtags about #gettingfit, #beingfit, and #livingfit.


I’m about to have an effing #fit if I see one more hashtag.

8. That picture of that couple who wore matching flannels and went apple picking.


But didn’t actually pick any apples, just took pictures reaching for them and smiling with empty baskets.

9. That indie friend and their professional looking photos with filters you’ve never seen drinking coffee flavors you didn’t know existed.


And they’re posing with the lead singer of some band you’ve probably never heard of.

10. That picture of someone’s breakfast on a super, brightly colored plate at an angle you can only reach by standing on a chair.

And all you’re thinking is…


Double tap for making me want to eat my phone.

11. That picture of that girl tanning in a bikini from the neck down with the caption Endless Summer with a sun emoji.


12. That girl who posts the passive aggressive quote about respecting yourself in a relationship and not being taken for granted.

And you’re like…



Sam works full time in digital marketing at a web design agency and when she's not inhaling coffee, she likes to kill time mindlessly looking at ridiculously expensive real-estate online and listening to indie pandora. She hates winter, is allergic to almost everything outside, and one time forgot her shoes on her way to an interview.

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