1. How did Victoria really pull of her fake suicide? She supposedly lost all her friends on the inside and her financial resources.

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2. Is there more to Louise than just being a Victoria groupie? Did she really only meet Victoria for the first time in the nut house?

3. Where the hell has Charlotte been? Is her drug problem under control?

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4. Who is White Gold/Courtney Love? Has she been in on the revenging all along?

5. Will David Clarke die?

6. Do Emily/Amanda and Jack end up together?

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7. Will Emily/Amanda finally get full revenge against the Graysons?

8. Will Emily/Amanda be forced to leave the Hamptons?

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9. If David was also a Takeda-Revenge-camp graduate,how did it take him so long to escape Malcom Black?

10. Will Nolan and Ems stay BFF?

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11. Does Nolan still own NolCorp? Why is he never there?

12. Will Nolan find love? Will it be with a man or woman?

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RIP Revenge, we will miss you your red sharpie, witty one-liners and impeccable fashion. Double infinity forever.

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    I can’t wait for the episode tonight. Hopefully those questions are answered

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