1. You have taken off or have actually considered taking off days from work to go the local zoo and/or aquarium.

2. You still find ‘dirty’ words funny. Like, for instance, penis. That makes you laugh.

3. You cannot survive a day without nap time.

4. Decisions? You cannot make those yourself. MOMMY! DADDY! Or, in most 20-something cases… BOYFRIEND! GIRLFRIEND! INTERNET! But no, really… you ask your parent(s) advice every single day. If you didn’t, this would happen…

5. This is you in the children’s room decor isle at Target. Princess chair?! Hot pink furry pillows?! Can I have it?!

6. This betch sleeps in a castle AND has a slide. You’re jealous.

7. You have ordered a kids meal from a fast food restaurant recently because you can’t handle a regular meal you want the prize.

8. When you don’t get your way, you stomp. Like, physically stomp your feet around and/or out of a room. Or you just scream ‘wah,’ implying that a silent temper tantrum is taking place. You just don’t have the energy to stomp because you’re too tired from not having nap time yet.

9. Crying comes natural, even when you’re not sad.

10. You have recently watched The Disney Channel or Nickelodeon.

11. You (still) don’t want to eat your vegetables.

12. Basically, you never worry about anything. Life is, like, whatever. Just ask JLaw.


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