Everyone has different definitions of chubby. Everyone has different definitions of “fat.” People even see things differently than others when they look at themselves in the mirror.

That being said, in the self-conscious society we live in, everyone has probably felt like a “fat kid” or a “chubby kid” before, no matter how fat or skinny he or she actually was.

So if you were a chubby kid, or you just felt like a chubby kid, the below list might resonate with you. Here are 12 signs you were chubby as a youth: 

1. You had a lotttttt of teenie beanie babies. Meaning you ate a lotttttt of McDonalds. UGH. Thanks mom. Actually, this is really McDonalds fault. Why did they reward children for eating fried food? I don’t get it.


2. You’re a picky eater. Meaning you probably rotated between chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and pizza as a youth, which most likely led to weight gain unless you were one of those people who didn’t gain weight. And damn you if you were.


3. Your friends went to your house to eat your food. Thank God for your family’s collection of bulk sized bags of potato chips from Costco or else you might not have had any friends.


4. You hid empty food wrappers under your bed. Couldn’t let the ‘rents know you were eating late night snacks.


5. Soda was crack. Now you only drink water, coffee, and alcohol, but back then you only drank soda. Gross.

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6. You always wonder if you would have been better at whatever sports/activities you did as a youth if you were thinner. The truth: probably not. Get over it.


7. Gym class was your nightmare. Oh my god running noooooooooooo. Now, you’re all about #fitness though.


8. People thought you were funny. And then when you lost weight people started to think you were a bitch. #Society


9. At one point you tried to control yourself by purchasing 100 calorie bags of snacks, but you lacked self-control so now you just don’t buy snacks. If you don’t buy them you won’t eat them right?


10. You now know you should stop eating when you’re full, but sometimes you just can’t.


11. You will always have a soft spot for junk food. Because after all, what is life without french fries and pizza? It’s all about moderation and self-control, which after years of practice you now kind of sort of have, except when you’re drunk. Because when you’re drunk, your inner fat kid comes out.


12. You’re still always trying to lose 5-15 pounds from your childhood. It’s like you look kind of good, but there is this extra layer of fat on your body that refuses to go anywhere. It just can’t quit you. Therefore, you’re always on a “diet.” Oh well.



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