So much has happened over the past six seasons of Pretty Little Liars. Who knew that when we were watching Aria make out with her English teacher in a church during her best friends funeral, that her best friend would actually be alive and they were being stalked by her psychotic, abandoned, brother? There have been many things that have bothered me about this show that I’ve finally let go of, like: the fact that Jason was originally an intellectual college guy and then he was a stoner when they showed him again, or the fact that Aria is always being roofied. However, there are somethings that will ALWAYS bother me if I don’t get answers.

1. Is Jenna dead or alive? I’m pretty sure I’ve watched Jenna die a couple of times. I watched her be pulled out of a lake by Shawna then she was alive again and now she’s gone. And if she’s alive, can she see or is she blind?


2. WTF happened to Noel Khan? He was definitely involved in something sketch and then we never saw him again. However, his name was mentioned last week during prom gossip.

Pretty fly for a bad guy.
Pretty fly for a bad guy.

3. What happened to Sean? Hanna broke up with him and crashed his car, then after she was done working off the debt to pay for the repairs we never heard of his character again.


4. Did all of the PLL dad’s just dip out or what? All of the moms hung out together while the girls had prom in the barn. Where are the dads? Eh, who cares? They are all douchebags anyway except for Emily’s dad who has a legit reason for being gone, like, serving the country.


5. Are Ezra and Aria together or not, and if they are can they just be done already? Seriously, it hasn’t been cute for about two seasons.


6. Has Spencer ever been sober? I feel like she’s always been on one drug or another. Get. It. Together. Girl.


7. Is Mona good or bad? I really want to root for Mona, like I REALLY do, but she keeps screwing the liars over and it’s pissing me off. LET ME LIKE YOU MONA!


8. Why can’t anyone just keep within their age range? Ezra, Wilden, Holbrook, Wren, Ian, Jason, and now Calderon. All these men like the high school girls. Rosewood: Home of the Pedophiles.


9. What’s with Ezra’s career change? Moral of the story: don’t sleep with your underage students, or you will go from Mr. Fitz to Ezra the Barista serving lattes to those underage students…or should I say hot cocoa since they’re too young to need coffee.

10. How is Toby a cop?! This has always bothered me. He’s has so much legal trouble throughout the show and dropped out of high school. I mean maybe if he was a motorcycle cop that only had the duty of pulling people over but no. He’s a real officer, that deals with real cases.


11. What’s the deal with Holbrook? This bothers the crap out of me. He comes into the show with Tanner and turns out to be sketch AF and now is just gone. YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US, I. MARLENE KING!


12. Is the female “A” Melissa or Cece? Or someone else? Although we know Cici was tied into the “A Team” since she dressed up as Red Coat, Melissa is obviously tied in as well. They both fled to Europe. Is there a connection? Like…Wren?

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  1. I’ve been convinced Spencer is “A” since someone proposed the theory to me a couple years ago. Maybe it’s not very plausible, but I need to see A’s face to be convinced otherwise. Can’t wait for tonight!


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