Let’s face it, dinner and a movie on Valentine’s is great. But almost everyone does the same old dinner and a movie boring routine. Here are 14 non-boring Valentine’s Day date ideas.

1. Recreate your first date.

Recreating your first date with your significant other can be fun. It’ll give you the opportunity to relive your first date experience all over again, bring up old stories, and remember good times.


2. Take a helicopter tour around your city.

Taking a helicopter tour can be fun for both you and your partner, especially if neither of you have been on one before. You both will share a new experience together, take in spectacular new sites, and will learn facts about your city you never knew before.


3. Spend your day antique shopping.

Antique shopping can make the sweetest Valentine’s Day date as you two can learn about the past together, buy furniture at a reasonable rate, and find treasures that are worth value.

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4. Visit a local flea market.

Visiting a local flea market can make a perfect date because of several reasons. You and your partner can purchase items cheap, find very unique items, and enjoy some sweet treats from local food vendors.

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5. Go to a classic video game arcade.

If you’re dating a gamer, he will love visiting a classic video game arcade. He will get to play classic video games for at reasonable cost, relive playing his favorite video games as a kid while enjoy spending the day with the love of his life.

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6. Take a trip to a historic auto museum.

Taking a trip to your local auto museum can be an absolute blast. You’ll both see old cars from the past, see cars that were featured in famous movies, and enjoy taking photos with your significant other.

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7. Visit a classic diner.

Classic diners can be quite cute and romantic. You and your valentine can share a chocolate malt, curly fries, cheeseburgers and a hot fudge sundae.

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8. Take a tour of your local chocolate factory.

If you and your partner both have a sweet tooth a chocolate factory tour is the best place for the both of you. You’ll both get to see how chocolate is made, learn about the  candy company’s history, and get free candy samples.

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9. Tour a local brewery.

Touring a brewery can be a really great time if you and your valentine love beer. You’ll get a chance to learn more about beer while you will also get to sample several different beers while on your visit.

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10. Head into your local pottery studio and create a masterpiece.

Feeling creative? Take your partner to your town’s local pottery studio where you two can create cool items such as plates, mugs, holiday decorations as well as other personalized items.

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11. Take a road trip to somewhere you’ve never been.

Grab a full tank of gas and take a road trip with your other half. Taking a road trip can be exciting as you two will try new foods, experience new adventures together, take in beautiful sights, and just experience life together.

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12. Binge out on junk food while watching your favorite TV shows.

Pizza? Flaming Hot Cheetos? Candy? The Walking Dead? The Bachelor? The Biggest Loser? If you and your significant other want to stay in, drop by the store and grab some junk food. Eating junk food while catching up with some of your favorite shows you watch as a couple is a really fun and inexpensive way to spend your Valentine’s Day.

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