Life changes so much as you go from being a carefree kid to a pissed of teenager to a drunken college student to a 20-something adult (lol, at least that’s what you’re defined as by your age in your 20s). You physically change, and you emotionally change. And along the way, your interests change too. Like, they change so much that you almost become the exact opposite of what you were like as a child.

Okay, that’s not entirely true. I was an annoying child, and now I am an annoying adult. Oh, and I was also a chubby child, and now as an adult, that hasn’t really changed. I’m sorry that I love french fries.

What has totally 180-ed is the things I disliked as a kid. Pretty much everything I didn’t understand why adults were into as a kid, I’m into now. It’s like… am I becoming my mom, or is this just what happens when you become a grown up?

Here are 13 things every 20-something hated as a kid, but now kinda <3 as an adult.


1. TV dramas about hospitals

Untitled design (37)

Why was your mom so obsessed with ER? Because shows about hospitals are fucking good. And also George Clooney.


2. TV dramas about politics


Even if you hate politics, you have to admit: shows about politics are really fucking good – new and old. And also, Rob Lowe is really hot.


3. Brussels sprouts

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I refused to eat vegetables for a very long time until I realized that I was missing out on an entire world of extremely good foods. Brussels sprouts, asparagus, squash, the list goes on.


4. Wearing jackets and other weather-appropriate clothing


Even through college, I still refused to dress appropriately for weather. It would be freezing as fuck outside, and I would run to the bars in a dress with sheer tights with a light coat on. Now I praise layers and heavy jackets. All the warmth. I WILL HAVE ALL THE WARMTH, with a side of fries.


5. Having siblings

Sibling Rivalry

One time, one of my younger brother was pissing me off when I was probably six years old, so I did what one sibling does and I stepped on him. Now, we get dinner all the time and run errands together. That’s weird.


8. Grocery shopping and other errands like such as

When your alter ego is actually this woman smiling at chips in the grocery store

I love grocery shopping. I don’t know why, but it’s like this ritual I must partake in every weekend or else I will get anxious and feel like my life is out of place. It’s the simple things.


6. Having to answer questions about your day


Oh, you want me to talk about myself and vent about my problems and hear about my life, how long do you have?


7. Restaurants with small menus


“The smaller the menu, the more horrible the experience,” said a very young and idiotic me who refused to eat anything except chicken nuggets and french fries. Some small menus still scare me, but not as much as big menus. Honestly, you should never trust a restaurant that has EVERYTHING on its menu (u kno who u r).


10. Cleaning


Okay, I still don’t like finding the time to clean, but the older I get, the more anxious I become when things are messy. I used to roll my eyes and get annoyed when my mom would ask me to clean my room and clean up after myself in general, but now I get it. Especially when the pillows on the couch are not in the correct order. Who have I become?


11. Being grounded

Good morning

Seriously, ground me right now for the rest of eternity and I will stay in my room in bed forever. You can even take away my phone and my computer. I’m waiting.


9. Making the bed.

Instead of adderral, get yourself a bed like this and you'll never want to sleep again

I won’t lie. I didn’t know how to make a bed growing up, FUCKING SUE ME, OKAY. After I eventually learned, I was still all like, I don’t understand why people make the bed when they will mess it up again that night. It didn’t make sense to me. But then one day in college, I got it. Making the bed makes for a great day. It makes your home and your life that much more organized and neater.


12. Family vacations


They pay for these. That is all.


13. Going to bed


Remember when you had a “bedtime” and would literally cry because you wanted to stay awake? Now I cry because I have to stay awake. Getting older is SO WEIRD. But I like what I like, and I certainly wouldn’t want to be a kid again. Although I could definitely sleep more…


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