Working out in the morning is hard. Working out after work, though… It’s not as bad. You’re awake, or at least more awake than you are in the morning. You’re hydrated, with coffee and maybe some water. You’re 10 times more flexible later in the day than you are earlier in the day. You don’t have the obstacle that is hitting the snooze button before the workout.

While you are totally on board for working out after work, other people just don’t understand it. People who are like you, though, totally get it. Here are 13 things only people who hate working out in the morning understand.

1. The struggle that is engaging in physical activity in the morning, like the getting out of bed. Sometimes I wake up having to pee in the morning, but I refuse to do it because it would involve moving. No thanks.


2. The anxiety that comes along with either sleeping through a scheduled workout class or canceling a class at the last minute and fearing a late charge.


3. Wondering why you even try to attempt signing up for morning workout classes when you know you’re probably going to cancel them in the AM anyway.


4. Having to rush out of work sometimes to make it to the gym or your workout class at a decent hour. I have an appointment… I mean, my abs have an appointment… I mean, my future abs have an appointment… I mean, I’m going to the dentist. Can’t stay late today. *Treadmill, here I come.*


5. The excitement that comes along with working from home and getting to workout during lunch… or workout right after you sign off, without having to factor in your commute. If you could cut out your commute and shower/getting ready time each day, you would have soooo much more time in the day to get your fitness on.


6. Balancing your workout schedule with your social schedule. Okay, so this person wants to get drinks Wednesday night, meaning I would have to skip my workout that day, or I could just workout in the morning. But, lol, like that will ever happen. Guess this means no more socializing any other days this week.


7. Canceling plans because you would rather workout. Sorry, I can’t get drinks with you because I skipped my workout last night, so I have to go to the gym tonight. Yeah, I could go in the morning… But I’m not going to. Sorry.


8. Getting home from work on a gross day and not being able to move from the couch and migrate to the gym. Moving is only easy on summer nights.


9. Deliberately becoming VERY busy at the end of your work day and getting home way too late to work out because of it.


10. Telling yourself you’ll work out tomorrow morning when you skip your workout that night and then refusing to wake up for said workout in the morning.


11. If you do make it to the gym at night, getting home too late to make a homemade meal. Did someone say microwavable meal? Because I don’t even feel like making a salad right now. Putting lettuce in a bowl is way too much effort, tbh.


12. Wondering where the hell your day went because by the time you get home from the gym, it’s time for bed.


13. Telling yourself you’re going to start working out in the morning from now on starting tomorrow, but never doing it because you’re just too tired.


Working out in the morning is just way too hard.


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