Labor Day, in addition to being a much-anticipated day off of work, is notorious as the unofficial end of summer. Goodbye summer Fridays and stay-cations to the beach. Following Labor Day weekend, obligations restart, busy lives resume, and the free time of summer evaporates. Just as soon as they began, the dog days of summer are setting.

To make the most of your remaining sweet summertime, here are 13 things you need to do before Labor Day.

 1. Spend time outdoors.

Go swimming, kayaking, SUP-ing; whatever your favorite outdoor activity is, do more of it. You will regret it in a few months when you are hibernating inside watching Netflix with a Vitamin D deficiency.


2. Head to the beach (duh!).

Whether it’s for an afternoon, a ‘sick’ day, or a weekend, stick your toes in the sand, breathe in the ocean air, and soak in every minute of relaxation as you lie in denial of fall. Bonus: Tear through a beach read you’ve had on your list all summer.

3. Make a trip to your local farmer’s market.

Bag the last of the fresh summer peaches and cherries and savor the juicy taste of summertime.


4. Get your seafood fix.

Lobster rolls, scallops, and oysters just don’t taste the same after Labor Day. Bonus: Eat them by the shore for extra satisfaction.

5. Go to a baseball game.

Get tickets to a nearby minor league or major league team , grab some friends, and have fun watching the Boys of Summer before bandwagon fans crowd the stadium and the playoffs start.


6. Vibe at an outdoor concert.

The only thing more fun than a concert is an outdoor one where you can tailgate with friends and relax on the lawn.

7. Throw one last summer BBQ.

Light up your grill and invite your family and friends over for burgers and guac. Don’t forget the s’mores!

burger guac

8. Shop the end of summer sales.

Embrace storefronts of boots and fall fashion by shopping the clearance rack full of sundresses and sandals.

9. Drink all of the rosé and prosecco your head can handle and savor every last drop of those summer seasonal beers.

Before you know it, pumpkin spice will be taking over your five senses.


10. Wear white.

Tradition says it’s less acceptable to rock those white skinnies post-Labor Day so make the most of it before they are forced into the back of your closet.

11. Dine outdoors as much as possible.

Enjoy the lingering sunlight and the late sunsets. Use the last of summer as an excuse to eat ice cream after your meal.


12. Book your holiday travels.

Latest research shows that now is the cheapest time to buy plane tickets for November and December. Plan ahead and save money!

13. Paint your nails using a brightly colored polish one more time.

Neon colors look best on sun-kissed skin. Soon enough will be the return of Lincoln Park After Dark and other similarly dark, almost-black shades.

Neon nails (2)



Kaitlyn is a twenty-something with zero tolerance for boredom. When she isn't working or working out, she is planning her next adventure and hanging out with friends. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kaitvad.

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