As the whole world knows now, Derek Shepard died on last nights “Grey’s Anatomy” and I think I speak for every fan when I say – WHAT THE FUCK?  My heart is broken having spent the last eleven years rooting for as cliche as it is Team MerDer.  First came, Addison and then there was that nurse at one point.  Through the obstacles, the show’s one central relationship was the one they established the first episode – Meredith and Derek.  So now we’re expected to continue to watch as this relationship is over.  I love you, Shonda, but I don’t love you that much.

So in memory of McDreamy let’s take a moment of silence when he was exactly that – McDreamy.

1. When he saved Meredith from drowning – twice.  But it still wasn’t good enough

2. When he pleaded for his life when someone held a gun to him

3. When he had morning breath and didn’t give a fuck

4. When he danced it out

5. When he was just the hot guy from the bar 

6. When he stood up to Meredith’s mother

7. When he wasn’t down for sexy time and just wanted sleep

8. When he could melt your heart with one look like this

Or this…


9. When he became a hot dad to this cute babe

I mean…

10. When he was honest about his feelings to his wife

11. When he rode the elevator

12. When he cared about Meredith even after they broke up

13. When it was a beautiful day to save lives – AND HE DID

RIP Team MerDer and Grey’s Anatomy as we know it

I shall remain as this – 


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  1. I love when he danced it out with Meredith. That was so dorky it was sexy

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