I like to shake my booty – not even lying to y’all. I’m the one that ‘just wants to shake her ass’ when we go out. I’ve heard plenty of times that my friends are putting that as the quote on my tombstone someday. As a booty shaking queen (of my friend group anyways), I’ve come up with 14 of the most perfect booty shaking songs. I was always the first one to get on the bar in college and dance, so you can trust me. They’re in no order – so just put this playlist on as you get ready for ~ girls night ~ and get your booty popping on!

1. “Dance (A$$)” – Big Sean

This HAD to make the list. From the start of the song, you just wanna shake your ass. And not just because the lyrics are literally ‘shake that ass girl’.

2. “Bootylicious” – Destiny’s Child

Not only makes you wanna shake it, but makes you feel sexy while doing it. One of the most classic booty shaking songs!


3. “Get Low” – Lil Jon & The Eastside Boys

C L A S S I C. Don’t lie to yourself, you’ve gotten extremely low to this song. With or without someone else.

4. “Pop That” – French Montana, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne

Trying to write this and not get off the couch and pop it.

5. “Bandz A Make Her Dance” – Juicy J, 2 Chainz, Lil Wayne

One time Juicy J sang this on an award show and—I have no shame—I turned it all the way up to dance on my living room table with my roommates.

6. “Back That Azz Up” – Juvenile, Lil Wayne, Mannie Fresh

One of the most classic booty shaking songs of all time. How could you not wanna get down to this? It’s literally telling you to back it up, do what these men say, ladies.


7. “How Low” – Ludicrous

He has a question. He needs you to answer it. Please.

8. “N****’s In Paris” – Jay Z

Ever since the Victoria Secret Fashion Show in 2011, I’ve been hooked. That beat comes on and I’m done.

9. “F**kin’ Problems” – Drake, Kendrick Lamar, 2 Chainz

Just try to stand still. You can’t.

10. “Trap Queen” – Fetty Wap

I once saw several 23-year-old males dance on a bar to this song. Trust it.

11. “23” – Mike WiLL Made-It, Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J

Let’s be real, we all laughed when we heard Miley was going to rap. Now we listen and the club gets hot because everyone is getting down to this.


12. “Rack City” – Tyra

He talks about your grandma inappropriately and you love it.

13. “Express Yourself” – Diplo, Nicky B

Express yourself by shaking that ass.

14. “Get Low” – Dillion Francis

These last two might  be house music but that isn’t stopping me from getting my groove thang on. Booty shaking songs can be from any genre.



Courtney is what you can call a northern-southern belle. Grew up a Mass-hole, took some southern lessons in SC and is now back north trying to figure out the white stuff on the ground. She enjoys all things Britney Spears and sports. Puppies bring her as much joy as a nice cold cup of ice coffee. If you'd like to know more about her mad life, follow her on Twitter/Instagram - @cacharroux.

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