If you’re like me, you loved Valentine’s Day as a kid. You probably remember spending hours trying to put together the most adorable outfit for your school’s V Day party. As well as celebrating the holiday with your family, and close friends. Here are 14 reasons why I missed being a kid on Valentine’s Day.

1. Picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for my friends and classmates. As a kid, I’m sure you remember picking out the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your friends and classmates. Having your parents drive you to the local store to pick out cards and candy was such an exciting time.


2. Deciding who gets which V Day card. Rather you bought Spiderman, Simpsons, Barbie, or Arthur V Day cards; it was always fun choosing who got which card.

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3. Making a Valentine’s Day mailbox at school. If you enjoyed making crafts at school, you probably loved making a Valentine’s Day mailbox. It was always so much fun to see how many cards you ended up with at the end of your school’s holiday party.

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4. Choosing the cutest outfit to wear to school on V Day. You probably rummaged through your closest looking for that perfect V Day outfit. Of course, you had to look fabulous at your school’s annual V Day party.


5. Exchanging cards with all of my friends and classmates. Do you remember how fun it was exchanging cards with your friends and classmates? You probably couldn’t wait to see how many cards you received, and what your friends’ personal messages read on each card.

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6. Making decorations to bring home. You may remember how much fun you had making decorations that you were able to bring home. It was always fun being able to be creative, artsy, and express yourself through your artwork.

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7. Watching themed Valentine’s Day movies in class. If you were lucky enough, your teacher let you watch movies such as Be My Valentine Charlie Brown, Winnie The Pooh A Valentine For You, Madly Madagascar, or another holiday-themed movies. The best part of watching movies was getting to use up class time doing so, and it was the absolute best!

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8. Eating all of the junk food at the school’s holiday party. Candy, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, you name it your school’s party had the most junk food you can imagine. It was a blast being a kid, and eating as much junk food as your tummy could tolerate.

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9. Playing Valentine’s Day-themed games at school. Do you recall playing some Valentine-themed games at your school’s party? Games such as Valentine’s Day storytelling, a special themed tic tack toe, or bingo. It was always a blast participating in fun games especially if a prize was up for grabs.

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10. Enjoying spending class time celebrating the holiday. All of your classmates looked forward to the school’s V Day party all year. Nothing was better than celebrating V Day eating junk food, playing games, and jamming out to music while your friends.


11. Eating all of the candy, I got for Valentine’s Day all at once. There was no better feeling as a kid than when you were looking over your V Day cards, and noticed pieces of candy attached to multiple cards. If you were like me, you’d eat all of the candy at once as you didn’t want to save any for later.

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12. Having my mom make home-baked goods for my class. Let’s face it, there is nothing better than your mom’s homemade baked goods. You know better than anyone, she makes the best cupcakes, brownies, cookies, and cake pops. When it came time for your school’s V Day party, you know you’d be proud of what you were bringing.

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13. Getting Valentine’s Day presents from my parents. It was AWESOME if your parents gave you Valentine’s Day gifts. You probably really appreciated your parent’s super sweet gesture to show you they care around the sweetest holiday ever.

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14. Enjoying a special cooked meal from my mom on Valentine’s Day. If your mom made you a special homemade cooked meal for V Day, you were one lucky kid. As you would get to celebrate the holiday by enjoying some delicious homemade cooking.


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