1. Eating chips/apples in your cubicle when everyone else around you is quiet.

2. Seeing someone you were friendly with a few years back in the grocery store and going down aisles in the wrong order trying to avoid them so you don’t have to say hello.

3. When you are shopping in a crowded store by yourself and the line for the fitting room is too long, so you start to strip and put the dress you want over your clothes in front of the mirror while people attempt to shuffle by you.

4. When drugged out people try to have a conversation with you on a silent train/subway.

5. Working the same job and hours as your ex (the awkwardness fades after a while – I speak from experience)

6. When you are lying on a mat doing crunches & stretching and a group of very large, muscular men pull a bench over inches from your face and start lifting.

7. When people you barely know (at work, at a party, etc), tell you to try one of the cookies they made and you have to say no because you’re on a diet.

8. When you see an acquaintance with the person you thought was their boyfriend or girlfriend and you ask, “is this your girl/boyfriend?” and they answer with “ex…” in front of said person.

9. Being alone in the same elevator with a boy you hooked up with once when you were drunk.

10. Talking on the phone in your cubicle when everyone else around you is silent.

11. Getting a pap smear.

12. When you are out to dinner with a group of people that you aren’t close friends with and no one else is eating. However, you are starving but don’t want to be the only one eating.

13. Waking up the next morning with the person you went home with the night before.

14. Asking someone if they are pregnant when they aren’t… and vice versa.

15. When you are at a restaurant and the waiter or waitress keeps coming over to check up on your table. I’m sure that goes both ways.


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