Some nights, you want to have a romantic night with your significant other or FWB (friend with benefits). Other nights, you come home from work and have sex because you feel like you are obligated to. If you’re looking to have a night like that, check out this playlist to get yourself in the mood. (Or if you just want a bomb list of R&B songs to listen to.)




1. Kissin’ On My Tattoos – August Alsina

I mean have you LOOKED at August Alsina?! You might not be able to kiss his tattoos…but at least you can think about them while kissing someone else.


2. Thinkin’ Bout You – Frank Ocean

When Frank Ocean hits that falsetto. Mmm. Enough said.

3. Neighbors Know My Name – Trey Songz

Undoubtedly one of my favorite baby-making jams ever. And again…have you looked at Trey Songz? He is bae.

4. Coffee – Miguel ft. Wale

“Coffee in the morning, I don’t wanna wake you. I just wanna watch you sleep. It’s the smell of your hair and it’s the way that we feel. I’ve never felt comfortable like this.” I’m sorry, but those lyrics could make even the coldest heart melt.

5. Trading Places – Usher

This song basically talks about how a woman trades places in the bedroom with a man. And that’s hot. Sometimes it’s nice to wine and dine your man, especially if he deserves it.

6. Often – The Weeknd

Anything by The Weeknd is a good bedroom jam, but I love is song in particular.


7. Wet Dreamz – J. Cole

Here, J. Cole talks about the first time he had sex. The whole process goes so smooth for him. In fact, the girl (who is also a virgin) claims that even though he is a “pro” she begs him to be gentle. I don’t know about you, but this description sounds nothing like my first time. In fact, this description sounds a lot less awkward. Maybe that’s why I like it? Either way it’s a great song.

8. Motivation – Kelly Rowland ft. Lil Wayne

“And when we’re done, I don’t wanna feel my legs.” Self explanatory. NEXT.

9. Grind With Me – Pretty Ricky

You might remember Pretty Ricky from their hit On The Hotline, but they have so many great slow jams. However, this one is my favorite.

10. Adorn – Miguel

I tried not to repeat any artists but Miguel is just too good. “Let my love adorn you.” Okay, Miguel. No problem.


11. Ride – SoMo

I have been obsessed with this song for as long as I can remember! This probably the most sexual song on the list. Which is why I saved it for (close) to the end of  playlist.

12. Bed – J. Holiday

J. Holiday talks about taking care of a woman in this song. There’s nothing hotter than a man who can take care of his woman after a long week- which is why this song made the cut.

13. Hold You Down – DJ Khaled ft. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, and Jeremih

This song is just so damn cute. It talks about a couple holding each other down through thick and thin. Real life relationship goals.

14. Practice – Drake

I had to include one Drake song because I am mildly obsessed with Drake. So I chose this. It talks about how any man before Drake was just practice.


15. California King Bed – Rihanna

I wanted to end the playlist with something that sounded a little more romantic. Which is why this made the cut!

Time to go light some candles, throw some rose petals on the bed, and order a pizza for some post-sex food.

PS: Don’t forget to practice safe sex!


I like baby goats, boxed wine, and anything British. Follow me on Twitter @KatieSorino.

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