1. Chicken fingers and fries is your go-to. There’s nothing you want more, ever.

But you don't eat that white stuff, obv.
But you don’t eat that white stuff, obv.

2. You don’t understand why the all items on the kid’s menu can’t be on the regular menu as well, in bigger portions. 


3. You looooooove mac and cheese, but only Kraft shapes or regular Annies. None of that other BS mac and cheese. Unless it’s homemade with BREADCRUMBS.

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Halloween Shapes Ready
Seeing this makes your mouth water, help.

4. You eat the same thing for lunch every day. It’s a routine, and why would you break it? To try something new? NO THANKS!!!


5. You can never decide what to have for dinner. You literally rotate the same meals throughout the week, but it never gets any easier. You’re just never in the mood for anything except cheese and carbs. Ugh.



6. You’re not sure why you bother looking at menus when you go out to eat because you always order the same thing every time.


7. Ordering burgers is very adventurous for you. Especially if you add cheese. You don’t add anything else though because LETTUCE, TOMATOES, ONIONS?!?! More like AHHHHHHH.

That's all it takes.
This is all it takes.

8. Mexican food? Cheese quesadillas please. No meat. No nothing. Just the cheese. BREAD AND CHEESE. MEAL OF CHAMPIONS. (You are the person who orders this at Chipotle – off the kids menu – it’s fine)


9. When ordering a sandwich, people are always confused by your order. Can I have the chicken finger sandwich? Sure, I’ll have some cheese on the chicken. Nope, nothing else. No, really. Nothing else. No, no lettuce. Or mayonnaise. REALLY, THAT’S IT. I’M GOOD.

THIS is terrifying. The green. The red. The white. AHH.
THIS is terrifying. The green. The red. The white. AHH.

10. Your friends find it hilarious when you order everything plain. Or maybe they just laugh out of embarrassment for you.


11. When someone asks you to go out to dinner, you immediately panic. What type of food do they want? Will they have anything on the menu you’ll actually eat?  Should you ask where they want to go so you can look up the menu before? Will it even matter? Will they change the restaurant based on your needs? Do you think they have french fries? And, more importantly, do you think they’ll be good french fries, or those fancy steak fries? God, I hope they’re the good french fries. You know, the inexpensive kind.


12. The smaller the menu, the scarier the restaurant. So in other words, fancy restaurants aren’t exactly your thing. At least you’re a cheap date.


13. You only leave your comfort zone with food when your mom makes it. Well, most of the time. Those pieces of green stuff still kind of scare you though… but ‘tevs. YOLO, right? Maybeeeeee not.


14. You love popcorn. Best snack ever! Only snack ever!

i love to eat air
i love to eat air

15. When all else fails, there’s always pizza. But only cheese pizza. No other kinds of pizza. ONLY. CHEESE.



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      • I know this type. This type of person chooses not to get their moneys worth she eating out, they choose not to indulge on the little extras, that when combined with the main ingredients, act as a sort of combining agent – to pull an entree together, its the little extra pieces of flavorful ingredients, an examplee is when ordering from subway, one should PILE ON the vegetables, to make SUBWAY PAY, and thus u get what you deserve, and the different combinations come together. The plainess explained in the article is the result of not growing up, not becoming cultured, and living in that hermit shell that they are so used to ordering from. Get out there and taste more.

    • Me either! I don’t like cheese except on designated foods… grilled cheese, cheeseburger, Mac and cheese… that’s about it! Won’t even eat plain cheese quesadillas.

      • It’s not “either” it’s “neither.” Unless you say, “I don’t like chee either!” When you use “me” you will have to use “neither.”

      • Actually it should be I not me – neither do I

    • I’m in the same boat I’ll order everything plain and whatever else I may want on the side. Cheese is never an option though the smell is repulsive, and the taste is worse still.

    • it’s adults who still have a child’s undeveloped/unrefined palate because their parents never made them eat anything else to develop it. not funny or quirky, just sad.
      I know a girl who “can’t” eat anything but pizza and french fries bc that’s what she was raised on. obviously she has tons of health problems, but god forbid she puts a vegetable in her mouth …

      • actually this is generally caused by having a higher count of taste buds. they’re called “super tasters” among other things and tend to eat bland foods with similar textures because their senses become overwhelmed. has nothing to do with what they’re raised on. Do some research before making ignorant statements.

      • Lol.. agreed. There are 2 “picky” eaters that I know both aproaching 30. Unfortunately both of them still have similar childlike personality traits. One still lives with mom so she can cook and do his laundry! If you went to a work related lunch and order chicken fingers…hahahhaha I dont find this cutenor quirky n. More like grow the f*ck up!!!

      • I’m a super taster and I’ll still eat most anything. Saying that that’s the reason picky eaters are picky is an excuse. And it does matter on what your raised on. The more foods a child is introduced to at a younger age the more their palate will grow. And also, adulthood comes with growing a pair and eating more than just fries. Do your research.

      • My parents made me eat everything on my plate as a child and I’m a very picky eater and actually throw up if I eat foods with a certain texture. I still can eat very healthy and love fruits/veggies

      • Or it’s the other way around. I’m a super picky eater and my mom made me eat TONS of stuff when I was younger… things she even knew I didn’t like and we weren’t allowed to leave the table until it was gone. So nice try, but the reality of it is is that some people just don’t like certain things. And there is nothing wrong with that.

      • Most people with Asperger’s eat like this. So if this article is you, and you don’t have a hard time with friendships, you might be Aspie!

  1. What about picky connoisseurs? I would not buy chicken and fries anywhere. I’m picky in the way that I won’t be eating crap food anytime soon.

    • thats me. If it isn’t complex or high quality, I’m not eating that. Save for nostalgic purposes every one and awhile.

      • I refuse to eat Cheese or One Topping Pizzas. It makes absolutely no sense to eat anything with such little flavor or nutritional benefit.

      • Well, Chris, you’ve never had pizza in Italy then. By far the most common pizza you can get there is pizza margherita, which is just sauce, mozzarella and basil. However, it is far from having little flavour, and completely changed pizza for me. Pizza margherita, along with pizza marinara (only sauce…save us from the simplicity!) are what your going to get in Italy for the most part, and its incredibly delicious. Seriously, all the toppings in the world cannot compare, so don’t be so naive.

  2. This is also known as being awful to be around, and being a future contributor to the western world’s obesity epidemic. Oh and a complete lack of gratitude for the BILLIONS of healthy food options we are afforded in the developed world that many would make great sacrifices to have access to. Or we could make it a cute little list about “how totally picky we lyk are.”

    • Agreed. If you ate like this seriously I cannot be your friend. Like this is childish and children shouldnt even eat like this. Im picky but I cant even relate to this. With a diet like this you cannot be living a healthy lifestyle. If you eat like this I am truly ashamed and feel sorry for you.

      • They cannot be your friend too dear. Small minded people never make good friends.

    • Ok, this is about the biggest amount of bullshit ive ever heard. I do sports year round and am out till 6 working out on average, if not way later. If i want to come home and make some fucking kraft, imma make so gaddamn craft. Just because people have a certain taste doesnt make them any less than you, you self-glorified prick. And I’m pretty sure eating chicken fingers doesnt make someone “awful to be around.”

      • It really is annoying, because you think the person could care less about what’s happening to their insides, about how long they’re gonna live, about taking responsibility in their longevity. They just only care about what the next bite in their life tastes like. Don’t ever marry a man like this. He will become morbidly obese and lazy and make e causes for watching one or two shows and will repeat the same stupid movies over and over. Picky eaters are picky about everything. They are so picky you can’t go on vacation with them. They will whine if you mention leaving the hotel room.

    • SadfaceJoe Reply

      Yes, because puking up food we don’t like isn’t wasteful, either. What exactly do you do to make sure all those people who don’t have healthy food options get fed? Donate money to a charity that uses most of the donations to put the CEO in a fancy pants suit? I bet you do.

      • It actually does sometimes bc if one person is a picky eater and we want to go eat,we are restricted as to where to eat. We end up at the same food places which after a while is a burden.

    • Exactly. I mean I get it if your a picky eater, it wasn’t your choice to be like that, you just are. But the reality is what this person said, you need to be willing to go outside the box. Be GRATEFUL for what we have and be willing to try new things. There are so many people out there who don’t get that opportunity…

      At the end of the day, whats there to be scared of? It’s just food 🙂

      • Tiffany Tyler

        Why does it bother you if someone is picky? You eat what you want and no one says anything about that. What you eat doesn’t bother me so why does what I eat bother you?? If you don’t want to go out and eat with me because I am a “burden” to you because of my food choices then we shouldn’t be friends to begin with. That only means your only concerned about you and yourself and NO one else. Asshole

    • Shut the hell up, you DUMB ass. People don’t choose to be picky eaters. It’s not to be cute or any other reason. Idiot

    • Some of us aren’t trying to be jerks. I literally choke and gag on stuff. You’re being judgemental. I hate being so picky but I’d hate gagging and vomiting in front of everyone more.

    • Alright buddy. Some people genuinely have this problem, me included. I am not ungrateful for my “healthy” options or an obese person pretending I am not unhealthy. I am 23, weight 125lbs and am 5’5″. I am perfectly healthy. I eat like this. It’s a problem for me and not anyone else. I do not burden people with my eating habits. I always find something to eat and never make people change locations based on my eating habits. My feelings are genuinely hurt when people make fun of me for the way I eat. I have tried to expand and I still continue to but at this point it’s considered an eating disorder so I honestly have a hard time not puking when I eat something with a new texture or taste than normal. I can’t just “eat better” as so many people have instructed me over the years. So you can stop being ignorant to other people’s problems. Problems are always easier to deal with when we laugh about and make light of them with articles like this. Everyone has got shit.

      • Thank you! I have this same problem, and while right now I can’t be as active due to injury, I am trying to force myself to eat a wider variety of healthier options and it is torture. I can only try new things in the comfort of my home. And if my friends want to go eat somewhere I never hold them back, I always find something, even if its just a side house salad! They make fun of me but they have no idea what would happen if I were to try all the food they try and shove down my throat at the table.

      • Thank you. I wish I could eat like a grown up but I will gag sometimes at the sight of certain foods but I don’t expect people to cater to me u can usually find something I can eat. As long as my dining companion doesn’t make a fuss it’s all good

      • Julia, my daughter is 8 years old and is the same way. She gags if presented with new foods and will literally vomit if forced to eat something outside of her 5 foods. I keep hoping she will outgrow it but she has not. I have learned this is a sensory processing disorder, not “picky eating.” She’s been to therapy to work on introducing new foods with little success. She eats the same things she ate as a toddler. I hate when people label her as picky or judge me as a parent for not forcing her to eat. I’m a licensed mental health therapist with a Master’s degree, not an ignorant or irresponsible person. Any thoughts or tips on what if anything may have helped as you were young would be appreciated.

      • I was looking for a comment that would understand, I’m exactly like you. This has been a serious problem for me my whole life and it drives me insane. I wish I wasn’t picky, but I can’t help it when I put something in my mouth and have a horrendous gag reflex. I always find or try to find something to eat at a place everyone wants to go and not be a burden. If someone feels the need to make fun of me and point out what I’m eating on my plate I just say “yep it’s messed up and I have problems, I’m sorry.” to shut them up. So for people that are saying “just eat more don’t be pathetic” can go fuck themselves. I’m trying my best to explore and eat new things but it’s takes awhile.

        Oh yeah, and I’m also one of the healthiest people I know. Perfect BMI, still get nutrients, exercise, no other health problems, etc. Healthier than anyone in my family and most of my friends who eat everything. I feel the most crippled in the social aspects.

    • Omg. Thank you! I almost thought that this was happening now. I mean the “I’ll just stay moms fat little b*****d forever thing.” Wont put those people in charge for what they do tho. Mostly their parents fault for feeding them meat with ketchup and white bread forever.
      Keep the good stuff up! Best of luck too you and may you live past your 45th birthday without suffering from anything eating habbit related. :))

    • Really? The “developed world” and the BILLIONS of healthy food options you are afforded? You probably have NO idea how Unhealthy your HEALTHY options are. The United States is home to the highest cancer rates in the world due to our genetically modified healthy options drenched in pesticides. People from Iraq, Turkey, Egypt, or other countries who have Mediterranean-region diets do not even know what a peanut allergy is… You think the rates of autism and ADHD and kids with endless allergies are because of the TENS OF MILLIONS of pregnant woman who are picky and only eat fried food and cheese pizza for 9 months and then don’t feed their babies healthy options? The food here is atrocious and leading to premature death and disease manifesting in all sorts of forms in the good old U S of A…. Enjoy your “Organic” burgers and other animal-based proteins that make you awesome!!!

      • Pamir allergies have little to nothing to do with eating habits. It’s actually when one of the type of white blood cells that is suppose to help the body fight parasites sees peanuts as bad and attacks it. Most people in America don’t have parasites or as many compared to people in developing countries, which is why they don’t have as many allergies because their bodies are fighting what they are suppose to. It has little to nothing to do with eating habits.

        As for healthy foods causing obesity? No. My brother was extremely overweight at one point and stopped eating most processed foods and all the other things that are labeled “bad”. And guess what? He lost weight and now competes in body building competitions. But guess what else? He was a picky eater when he started his journey. It takes time and is possible, you may have to have to will power to actually make a difference in your life and not just because you’re picked on. Btw, after his last show he speed “eating clean” for one week (still worked out normally) and gained 8 pounds in one week.

        And just because your bmi is good people, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re healthy. Blood pressure, sodium intake, glucose levels, and metabolic rate are impact factors in being healthy too. If your metabolism is high, you can eat what ever and not gain weight, but it doesn’t mean it’s good for you.

    • Really? A ‘lack of gratitude’?? Get off your high horse.

      My mom used to pull the whole ‘starving kids in Africa would kill for your (insert food here)’ and I’m going to tell you the same thing I told her: send it to them, then.

    • In like what I like to eat the same way you do. Just because I’m a picky eater doesn’t mean I’m difficult or unhealthy or “awful” and I’m not going to apologize for only eating foods I think taste good. This list is meant to be funny, for people who have a hard time finding food they like. Stop being so uptight and try laughing. Or don’t waste your time reading posts just to make self righteous comments that will never make me change my eating habits anyway.

    • “Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID; also known as Selective Eating Disorder, SED) is an eating disorder that prevents the consumption of certain foods. It is often viewed as a phase of childhood that is generally overcome with age. Some people may not grow out of the disorder, however, and may continue to be afflicted with ARFID throughout their adult lives”

      • M, my daughter has this and it breaks my heart. I have found little to no info on it or on how to help her. Where did you get your info and do you have more or sources you could share? I would be forever grateful for any help on this as most people just don’t understand it and simply judge me for it.

    • Being a picky eater was not a luxury we were indulged in as children. As a result we learned to eat what was served, and gratitude for my mother’s efforts in preparing our meals. Pickiness is annoying and something I will never indulge my own child in…healthy choices rich with organic fruits and veggies all the way.

    • Or, more accurately, these people have sensory disorders, probably can’t help it, and probably wish they could. Look closely at this article alone. It’s hard to have to live your life this way, and it sucks to not be able to enjoy food the way other people do because it makes you gag, or causes extreme anxiety. Not only that, but yes, the health problems that might ensue could land you in a hospital for malnutrition, or leave you overweight.
      And even if it’s just plain preference, who are you to say anything about it?
      Go ahead and keep judging people for their health problems, mental or physical. I hope one day you get help for the pain inside you that makes you so damn angry.

  3. Try having celiac disease (having to eat gluten free) AND being a picky eater. 🙁 It sucks SO much.

  4. Bobbobstien Reply

    Fuck you, think we want to be picky? No it fucking sucks, and a lot of times we force food we don’t like down as to please people like you who can just eat most everything

  5. Anyone who eats those nasty shapes isn’t as picky as me, because those things just don’t cook right. A handful will always be hard and uncooked.

  6. This is actually now considered a disorder, called neophobia or selective eating disorder. It’s not all that common so it’s taken years to be taken seriously. I’ve suffered from this my whole life, and it’s not necessarily that we don’t want to eat other things and make our lives a whole lot easier, it’s just we’re scared or grossed out by most things outside of our comfort zones.

  7. “None of that other BS mac and cheese. Unless it’s homemade with BREADCRUMBS”

    Breadcrumbs? Pretty sure I’m not gonna eat bread crumbs.

  8. Chris Plaster Reply

    This does not equate to picky. This equates to being a silly 4 year old that doesn’t actually enjoy food. Picky would be complaining that the onions are underdone in your soup. Picky would be understanding the difference between jambalaya and etoufee and being angry when the restaurant doesn’t. Anyone that can associate with this should feel nothing but shame. You’re not picky, you’re a foolish child.

  9. This is pretty much me. Haha! Except I like any kind of meat in my kids quesadilla from chipotle. Haha

  10. sue Roberts Reply

    I am in my 70s, and this is my menu, except no popcorn, regular potato chips….

  11. Haha that was close but not as accurate as it could have been because I am a more picky eater than that so….. Work on your taste a bit before you say your the pickiest eater! Not even close compared to me its only Plain Chicken, Just cheese on my Burger, and only Cheese Pizza nothing else and no trying anything new.

  12. Even though I know that crap is bad for me, I still eat it. I can’t force myself to eat stuff I don’t like just because it’s healthy ie. tomatoes, onions, peppers, mushrooms, squash, okra, and the list goes on. I do like lettuce, pickles, mayo ketchup on my burgers. Other than that, my wife would say that article is all about me. No, I’m not fat but have high cholesterol. Ugh.

  13. or or or or. Its a list ment to be funny. Beacuase its about a quirk that people have. And it just happens people are diffrent and they have diffrent tastes etc. Dont be asses.

  14. Plain burgers. Burgers ONLY get toppings when they’re from a restaurant, and even then, it’s ONLY PICKLES AND BACON. Chicken is great for everything. Chicken fingers and fries are the shiz. Oven roasted chicken subs from Subway, with tons of pickles, of course. Pepperoni pizza. Only. There is no other kind of pizza. Chicken quesadillas. Popcorn <3. Arguing for an hour about what restaurant you want to go to, then end up deciding on the same one we always go to. Staring at the menu, letting at least 5 other parties go in front of you cause you're still looking, then getting the exact same thing you always do.

    #1 picky eater rule is: if momma makes it, you eat or you starve.

  15. Unfortunately, I relate to most of this. [Has someone been watching ME?] For me, it comes down to food taste and texture. The most ‘complicated’ food I eat is cheese pizza. I’ll tolerate pepperoni – if I have to – but, man it is WAY too spicy for me. I usually pick the pepperoni off & eat it with just cheese – but it still isn’t enjoyable because of the overwhelming taste that remains.

    I am pretty safe sticking in the white-yellow-brown foods. Bread, cheese, cereal, etc. I can do a little salt, pepper and garlic. That’s it. Keep your salsa off of my tortilla chips. Nacho cheese? Maybe, if it isn’t too spicy. If it is, I’ll dip a little corner in (forget scooping). If I ate a jalapeno, I think I would die.

    I’m not proud of it, but it is my life & my taste buds. It can be very embarrassing – especially when made fun of by others. But, please understand, it really isn’t a choice of ‘being picky.’ It is about eating ‘safe’ foods so that I can actually eat without making it look like the food is horrible.

    Anyone know a good hypnotist who can train my brain to ignore what my mouth is saying about food? I really would like to change.

  16. This is my life in one article. I shared it with all of my friends, and they laughed as hard as I did over its accuracy and applicability. Samantha Matt, thank you for understanding me!

  17. So basically being a boring, uncultured swine who never grew out of their comfort zone and never had to go hungry, got it.

    Have fun being 4 forever.

    • some people were born with a food phobia and need people to be understanding and helpful that’s the only way things well get better

      • I’m unsure if you’re being sarcastic or not, so if you are, I’m sorry for not realizing. But yeah, the number of people who have a “food phobia” is pretty damn low compared to how many people are “picky eaters” like this. So I’m sure it’s safe to say that Dirk’s comment was not meant to apply to the miniscule minority, and was instead directed towards the very wide majority of picky eaters who can actually eat other things, but dont.

      • Dirk Edge

        So you have a phobia of any food except for the unnatural garbage your parents gave you because they were too lazy to make you a proper meal?

        Nah, you’re just a spoiled, uncultured brat.

      • @Dirk’s last comment.

        You’re getting a little bit carried away there buddy. For me personally, I was always fed good foods as a child; I eat healthy meals but I still enjoy the ‘garbage’ that you talk about from time to time as a treat.

        Despite that, I’d still consider myself quite picky. If you put something down on my plate that i’ve not tried before and i’m suspicious of, i’d probably not try it unless under pressure to do so (out with friends/at someone else house etc). In the past i’ve had to force food down that i’ve loathed purely because of how awkward i’d feel if I didn’t eat it. I’ve known a lot of people that can eat literally anything and i’m envious of them, i’m envious that they don’t feel the same anxiousness when seeing something new. Is it my fault that, despite my (relatively) healthy diet, i’m un-keen to try new things? Sure, sometimes I do try it and it turns out to be quite nice, but a lot of the time I actually find myself trying hard not to gag and throw it up (which is incredibly insulting to whoever offers it).

        Am I a ‘spoiled brat’ because of that? I make an attempt to try new things but I could gladly live off burgers and chips if I was given the option and it had no health defects. It’s not that I was ‘spoiled’ (Not even sure why you’d call it that, it’s more like a punishment) as a child, I was given a pretty decent selection of meals; I just don’t like being adventurous with food, I can’t help it. It’s not like I can train myself to feel better about liking food, I just don’t.

    • Nice person Reply

      It is sad to see so many people resort to name calling simply because there are those of us in the world who simply can’t eat just anything placed in front of us. My middle child and myself are picky eaters, finicky eaters, we aren’t afraid of food and we certainly aren’t uncultured just because we have different taste buds than you. For those of you who cannot be empathetic because you have no tolerance for diversity of humans, no it doesn’t matter how hungry I get. If I don’t like it, I’m not going to eat it. My two other children don’t have this issue, so it can’t be my parenting. My mother was of the “if you don’t like it, pick it out” variety and I did and still do. I cannot and will not force myself to eat something which is unappealing to me either visually, texturally or even by smell. It is the way I am wired and I deal with it. My don is much worse than I, but we deal with it and we manage. Thank God, we don’t require the approval of insensitive jerks to feel good about our selves. At our home, we just joke it off and go on. There are so many worse issues we could face. I’ll take pickiness over drugs or disease any day. Happy New Year!

      • You said everything I feel about this… Its really hard being so picky when everybody else around are not. I didn’t choose to be this way, in fact, I try to force myself sometimes to eat some foods I don’t like, but I just can’t do it, it’s not a choice as many said here. I’ve tried so many times to be different but I just can’t and it makes me sad.

  18. I thought there was nobody else like this but me! Now I feel redeemed.

  19. This sounds really sad and pathetic. Glad I don’t have any friends like this. I eat out for dinner four or five times a week. Only local restaurants, and usually at the pesky small menued restaurants.

    • Dude don’t be a hater. Its not like picky eaters chose to be this way. We can’t really help what we like or dont like.

      • Exactly. My daughter has been this way since 5 mths old! I couldnt get her to eat 90% of the babyfood. For 16 yrs we have tried everything. Specific mac n cheese. Chicken nuggets, fries, cheese pizza & plain hamburger patty. Thats it. Its definately a Sensory disorder.

  20. This is pretty much very true except the cheese thing was really obsessive… But being a picky eater myself this pretty much nailed it.

  21. my 31 year old daughter is like this… it makes me insane.. she only likes 2 or 3 restaurants (which i hate) so it is always a huge deal to go out… “is there an online menu, i will need to study it and then get back to you if I can go there”…. clearly she was given too much power over her choices as a child.. When I young we were sat down at the table and what was placed on it was dinner. you had the choice to eat it or not… if you chose not not eat then you went without until the next meal time.

    • I agree! If my picky-arse was able to break free from only ever wanting macaroni and cheese from a box, Spaghettios and cheese pizza, everyone else can, too!

      So much tasty food out there. And healthy, too 😀

  22. I grew up as an EXTREMELY picky child. Didn’t touch any veggies that weren’t corn, potatoes or baked beans. Most meats, nada (only ate bacon, chicken fingers/nuggets, hamburgers and the occasional hot dog (the fake kind, not the kind with the real casing). Mostly carbs, cheese and fruit. Or candy.
    I had (still have, rather) a texture problem, not a taste problem.

    Now, at 29 (one month shy of 30), no longer picky. The trick was to try foods, or eat a small portion of something I wasn’t huge on. I have learned to love veggies (crave them, even), did eat meat that wasn’t pre-formed or breaded and baked/fried (I am a vegetarian now), and eat cheese that wasn’t mild cheddar/mozzarella/American/fake orange cheese “product” goo. Don’t really touch candy, no fast food (minus the occasional slice of pizza from a local place), and go to said “scary” restaurants with the tiny menus. It’s an adventure. 😀

    My body thanks me. Yours will, too, if you break free from the palate of a 10-year-old.

  23. I was like this for the longest time, I’ve just recently started going a bit out of my comfort zone and I’m loving all of the new flavours! I’m just sad that it took me years of eating nothing but cheese pizza and plain pasta to realize this.

  24. I’m sorry? Is this a health food website??? I can’t believe so many people are arguing about this. This isn’t saying plain hamburgers and fried chicken are the only thing eaten. In fact, this list is almost exclusively for eating out. Most of it applies to me- except the bread and carbs obsession bit- but only to eating out. At home, you are most comfortable with food you prepare yourself, so you’re not as picky. No one is trying to justify obesity here, geez.

  25. So, instead of picky esters, it’s an article of those with bland taste buds that eat only cheese and carbs.

  26. Hey, all of you self-righteous douchebags, dumb ass vegans/vegetarians, health Nazis, and moronic picky eaters, you all need a cup of shut the fuck up, you all need to get off of your damn high horses, and you need to go fuck yourselves! You want to whine about your little bullshit agendas? Why not do the world a favor and go fuck yourselves with them up sideways up your roody poo candy asses? I was 4 and FAR more mature than you guys and if I could learn to deal with liking more food (and yes, I was a formerly picky eater myself and people with autism and ADHD have it more than more normal people), then surely you can learn to not be picky in your OWN lives, so get the fuck over it and do not give me ANY fucking bullshit about it, and ditto for you other assholes, okay? Thank you.

  27. Holly Wood Reply

    I am 50 years old and have been a very picky eater since child hood~it is embarrassing too be so picky, but either way I know my family loves me and puts up with me for the way I am…those of you that eat and love to eat don’t understand what us picky eaters go through…I been told that I would out grow being picky and that my taste buds will change and I would
    start liking different foods…I am till this day still waiting for that day to come! And yes, I have tried other things…but it doesn’t stop me from going out enjoying meals with family..I just have a different appetite than others!

  28. I once thought I was a picky eater. Turned out that I just don’t enjoy certain things, like onions or mayonnaise, seafood or overpowering flavors. So because of this, I stuck to the familiar as a default and slowly expanded my horizons. Sure, I’ll never be the dude that goes out and orders Escargot and stuffed mushrooms, but I’m also not the dude that is going to shovel processed cheese and fried foods into my face either. I used to be when I was younger, but again, that was a default setting that came from childhood. Anyone who legitimately is scared to try new things? Unless you are 100% certain you’ll despise it, the worst thing that will happen is you find something else you don’t like, but not trying it is far worse than saying no. You’d be surprised how much food exists in this world that is amazing and doesn’t have to look like a big bowl of throw up or some variation of carnival food.

    • The worst that happened to me was when I tried shrimp and my throat closed up…not saying its an excuse, but finding something else you don’t like isn’t the “worst that will happen” =p And I have been continuing to try new things, though I just avoid the whole seafood category in general.

  29. A picky eater Reply

    This article made me laugh because it’s so accurate for me. I’m a picky eater at 21 years old and it’s not something I can control, unfortunately. For all of the mean people commenting here let me tell you, it would be great if I didn’t get anxiety in situations where food was involved. It would make going on dates easier, or luncheons at work, or going out to dinner with friends, or pretty much any social situation where food was involved. But it’s something that is out of my control, just as people with OCD or other disorders have tendencies that are out of their control. BUT for all of those ignorant people who are making rash judgements, I will say that although I am a selective eater, and although the author used exaggeration and humor in her article, I dont eat as unhealthy as you all immediately assume. I love fruit (unless it has pulp like oranges) and I eat many different vegetables (raw, not cooked). I recently added kale to my diet, a major step. I rarely eat fast food and I only eat whole wheat bread/pasta. I may not eat a large SELECTION of foods, but that doesn’t mean I’m unhealthy or uncultured.

  30. This is so accurate to me. I have been picky my whole life. It’s not 100% my fault. I have Aspergers Syndrome, which is on the autism spectrum. And people who have Aspergers or an autism spectrum disorder will have some sort of sensory integration disorder. Which means at least one of our senses can be not functioning how it would for someone neurotypical. And I’m affected by taste. Like some textures or weird juices and such don’t suit me. Urg. Makes me get shivers up my spine. Like I’m so bland. Though I’m okay with the garlic breadsticks at Olive Garden.

    Some of us CAN’T help being picky. Some might have conditions that makes our taste buds not working right. We’re not ungrateful for healthy food. We’re not being childish. So for those who say you are, well back off! And don’t you dare retort my comment saying I have no excuse. Look up what I discussed.

    We’re not being picky because we rebel against healthy food. We can’t help it. So if you have some feature on your body that you’re born with that you hate and we say stop having it and its ugly and then YOU say you can’t help it, think about picky eaters.

  31. Ihatetomatoes Reply

    Until I went to college I refused to eat any pasta, except for Spaghetti, melted cheese (I didn’t eat cheese at all until senior year of high school,) and any type of sauce. I still hate most sauces, but I like Alfredo. I hate tomatoes and all of its by-products including Ketchup, tomato sauce, pizza (yes pizza,) chili, salsa, V8… really anything that has tomato in it in any form.

  32. it's the texture Reply

    it’s not usually the taste it’s the texture. Undercooked crunchy pasta, undercooked crunchy onions, rubbery over-cooked fish, it goes on and on. Biting down or feeling the wrong texture on your tongue can nearly make me vomit so I either avoid those foods or swallow them without chewing them.

  33. I just hope some of you will change there is so much good food out there. You have one life. I grew up like this and I have to say, I think it’s because my mom was 16 she didn’t know how to cook, we were initially poor, and I was reallllly close minded. You have to be daring and adventurous to try new things. I am kind of ashamed that I ate the way I did. It was ridiculous, no respect for my body, health, teeth(eating all these sweets and soda) and in general no desire to step outside of the box and see new things. I’m not saying this is you but be honest with yourself. Find a new way of thinking. And I still don’t like everything it’s not about that, it’s about taking a chance and really growing by experiencing something new. It’s not always about the food being nasty, if you were starving you’d eat it but yall don’t seem to know anything about necessity. Sometimes it can be ungrateful and a hindrance in your own life. You are what you eat man no condemnation though.

  34. I wish I had nothing better to do than worry about what other people eat.

  35. I’m not QUITE this picky, but very close.

    That said, I will try almost anything at least once. I probably will be repulsed by it, but I will give it a try.

    And you people saying that picky eaters are a lower class than you, you seem simple. Get off your high horse.

  36. I was an extremely picky eater when I was young (plain hot dogs, plain hamburgers. The only vegetable allowed was corn. If I found a piece of lettuce on my taco, I’d gag.) My parents sort of gave up on forcing me to eat better as I was very stubborn and they figured I’d grow out of it. I didn’t. When I got older, I started to get frustrated. I was embarrassed when sometimes I’d be a guest in other people’s homes and I would refuse whatever they were offering for dinner. One day, I decided I wanted to travel the world and while doing that, I would encounter a variety of foods at many different tables. I wanted to put an end to my food issues. I actually forced myself to eat whatever was put in front of me. When I would order a sub, I would order it with whatever was suggested as toppings. Sure, I would gag when I’d eat certain things, but I managed. Now my palate is more developed and I like almost everything. I would never turn away food offered to me. The only common food I never got a taste for is raw tomatoes. I still eat them! Come on, you can’t have a BLT without tomatoes.

    • I wish you could go around giving talks to all the other picky people who insist they can’t change. It’s just spoiled. Most of the world (besides Australia, Canada, England and America) don’t even have a concept of picky eating. It’s because parents don’t indulge it so it doesn’t have a chance to develop. Picky eating is the result of an undeveloped palette. That’s all.

  37. I order the same thing from restaurants because when I try something new, I don’t enjoy it as much. Eating out is becoming prohibitively expensive. Why waste the experience on anything but my favorites? Also, never had any use for food snobs. Most of those “complex” meals are very unhealthy anyway. I suppose I shouldn’t eat elaborate cuisine without first getting my eyebrows waxed? You can have it. I’ll try new things, but don’t judge me just because I don’t enjoy it with my “custom” water. Poofs.

  38. That’s not really true. It sounds like you are just saying what you don’t like and that’s not the case. In order to speak to all picky eaters you would need to know more about it. . Not what you pick at because I’m a picky eater and I like pepperoni on my pizza… I like lettuce onion, and tomato on my burger.. I like To order a grilled chicken salad at one of my favorite restaurants… my go to is not chicken fingers but a hamburger with everything on it no cheese and that goes the same for my chicken sandwich… it’s all about personal preference. So I would say your article is incorrect and to my pickiness.

  39. This is for all you idiots who say you don’t choose to be a picky eater and literally gag and vomit from certain foods. I used to be like that too when I was younger. One example is zucchini. I tried a friend’s zucchini stick and almost threw up on her plate. Guess what I did? I kept forcing myself to eat different foods to get used to them. Now, I may not necessarily enjoy them, but I can still eat them without gagging and know that I can have a varied diet that is healthy.

  40. I consider myself a picky eater, not quite this picky (though I used to be when I was younger). I’m just very specific in what I like, so I’d rather just make new dishes myself so I can change what I don’t like instead of being at a restaurant and having to keep sending it back. Also, I have a good deal of allergies, including soy, some nuts, some vegetables, and most fruits. Consider this: I’ve dealt with obsessive-compulsive problems since I was a kid, and when during the summers when I was in high school I used to eat the same meals everyday while doing the same things because I had a ritual going on. If someone told me I was doing it because I was “uncultured” I would probably have punched them. It could be OCD, it could be sensory disorders, it could be something else, or maybe they just don’t like how other foods taste. I like vegetables now, I just tend to like these foods more because carbs are more enjoyable to the body no matter how bad they are for you. Making fun of people who are stuck in this will not change their minds. It just makes you look like an asshole, especially if you don’t know what’s going on in their life. Some people can put the work in to change, others can’t (like if it’s a legitimate processing disorder). I’m not going to make myself sick forcing foods down my throat. It’s not fair to judge other people and say you wouldn’t be their friend because it’s ~embarrassing~ that they eat chicken tenders. I wouldn’t be friends with someone who judges someone else on such an arbitrary part of their life.

  41. Anyone that “gags on a particular food has an eating disorder in my opinion. I don’t like liver bit it doesn’t ever make me gag or puke. That’s a serious disorder if a texture or taste of a food makes you actually gag. Its fine to not like something….just dont eat it anymore. A lot of times it’s how food is prepared. You may find that something you disliked in the past is much better prepared in a different manner. Just my 2c.

  42. I have to say this article is very inaccurate about picky eaters. If anything it just displays a hatred for junk food. I will write a more accurate article for the confused people about real picky eating.

    1. Eating 50% or less different types of food in all categories.
    2. Missing 2 or more categories from diet. (Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, etc.)
    3. Sticking to 2 or 3 textures and smells.
    4. Bland foods taste the best.

    For example my dad he eats ice cream, cereal, beans, trout, and green beans. Once a month he will eat chicken and broccoli. Once a year he will eat a slice of pizza. Just like everyone else he was brought up on all kinds of foods, lamb, rabbit, cherries, etc. Picky eaters have a small range of taste they like and the rest is tolerable to some degree before getting sick of it usually after a couple of bits or meals, they don’t want to eat it anymore for long periods of times or even forever. It doesn’t matter at all HOW LONG or HOW MUCH you eat it, if you don’t like it you don’t like it.

    I’ve had tomatoes shoved down my throat since I was born and guess what, it’s flipping DISGUSTINGLY!!!!!!

  43. Gagging and vomiting on common foods is purely psychological. A VERY tiny percentage of humanity is “supertasters”, and unless scientists counted your taste buds and measured them, then you are most like making it up. Adult picky eating is psychological, a mental illness. And like other mental illnesses, it can be cured and treated through therapy.

  44. This is hardly surprising. I grew up in Africa and obviously very different food from Americans but I notice that I am the complete opposite of a picky eater. I do not eat dairy including cheese but I can make myself to eat almost anything else as long as it is touted as having nutritional value of sorts. So for that reason, I do not eat fries or burgers or pizza. I may perhaps have only had these foods less than 5 times in my entire life with the exception of pizza which I have never had. My question is: Is this really related to how one was brought up? I disagree. I have siblings who grew up on the same food and they are picky eaters. I think it is more to do with training through life and the value you are willing to put into your health. It is like career and other decisions in life. Some people will go a long way to sacrifice for specific goals and develop tastes and liking along the way, while others do not put a lot of value into these goals and so they won’t really care. That is why someone who is drawn to foods with no known nutritional value will keep eating those foods while others will only be drawn to foods with nutritional benefits. Bear in mind that some of these things will not taste right in the beginning but with time you learn to acquire the taste and slowly adjust your taste buds and eventually you develop a liking for these foods. Of course there will be other things you will try and fail too. That is true in my case also.

  45. i’m offended that so many of you think picky eaters make for obese children. i’ve been a picky eater my whole life, my mom admits because i was her first born she never made me eat what i didn’t want to, she was more slack that way. but if anything being this picky has caused me to be under weight nearly my whole life. i’m 21 right now and have to get blood work done because i’m only 90lbs. when i was 19, i went through the same thing at 88lbs. being picky puts a huge limit on what i will actually eat. i love fruits and veggies and a lot of other seemingly more expensive foods but when you come from low income, you can’t always afford healthy. just like in the post, i end up choosing a few simple, cheap, unhealthy options i can rotate through during the week. after awhile of eating the same stuff for weeks, my body doesn’t want to accept that food anymore. so it stops getting that hungry feeling until i’m so hungry i NEED to eat for survival.

  46. Okay, the people in these comments are really pissing me off. First of all, I am a picky eater. To assume people who are picky eaters, 1, dont eat healthy, 2, complain, 3, arent adventureous, 4, are annoying people, is RIDICULOUS. I physically GAG when there is a strong smell or if I try to eat something I dont want to. I have an extremely sensitive nose and I’m constantly made fun of because of it. Like WTF, i was born this way? You people in the comments are so extremely ignorant. Telling someone their feelings are invalid and that they should just “eat it” is like telling someone with depression that they just need to get over it. I literally cant eat food I dont want to eat, my throat CLOSES UP. How dare you tell someone to “get over it” when you haven’t experienced it? it doesnt work like that, idiot. I never complain, and I’m still a human being. And trust me, I have tried to eat outside of my comfort zone, and every single time I have become extremely sick with a headache and a stomach for 10 hours +. I am perfectly healthy, I eat 3 times a day and drink plenty of water, It’s just harder for me to find foods I like. I love fruit and vegetables, but if something looks bad I cant eat it. If something smells very strong or bad, I lose my appetite for an hour at least and i gag. It’s awful. My parents have tried numerous times to get me to eat more diversity but stopped after I kept gagging and crying and throwing up. Its not a joke, and its serious. I LITERALLY CANT EAT FOOD I DONT WANT TO EAT. So before you judge people who are picky, chill tf out and think about the fact that you dont know what it is like and im still a human being. End of story.

  47. Some of you people are so ridiculously ignorant. Why does what someone else is eating have such a huge affect on you? It doesn’t. You all need to calm down and realize that everyone has their own issues and not everyone is going to be exactly the same as you. I grew up as a super picky eater, my parents always tried to get me to eat more foods but it was extremely hard for me. It still is. And please don’t try to say this is something I can control. I always wish I could change my eating habits. I absolutely hate being picky and I have tried eating new foods and expanding my horizon, but some people just can’t. How can you judge someone when you have never been in their position? Do everyone a favour and get off your high horses.

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