•  The nicest apartment you ever had was in college… when you lived on campus.
  • You can’t drink as much as you did in college, but seem to anyway when you do go out… leaving you with a Post-College Hangover (the worst!).
  • You still live at home… or are considering moving back home.
  • Your mom still does your laundry.
  • You’re still under your parent’s healthcare plan.
  • You have the best most embarrassing weekend stories at the office, so when anyone asks what you did over the weekend you always respond with ‘not much…’
  • You think you have no friends anymore. But in reality, you just graduated from college, you’re busy, and you don’t live with/near everyone anymore.
  • You have an abundance of frozen meals in your freezer.
  • You are often the last person to leave your office. And the first one to come in the next morning.
  • You talk about how you’re going to move somewhere new when you have enough money… but as the years go by, your bank account remains the same. As does your current location.
  • You get no vacation time. But it’s okay, because you have no money for vacations anyway…
  • You have a job… but you’re searching for another.
  • The thought of marriage makes you giggle.
  • You constantly talk about how you want to go back to school, but you haven’t done anything about it yet.
  • You think you should be married, have kids, and settle down by a certain age… but every year that goes by, that age grows and grows.
  • You feel as though everyone at the bar is getting younger… but in reality, you’re just getting older.
...and you ALWAYS rage hard - no matter what!

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