1. Arriving home from school to find out  someone signed you off of AIM. You still wonder who IMed you those days while you and everyone on your buddy list were at school.


2. When your ripped jeans ripped. THEY SHOULD BE AT LEAST 10X MORE EXPENSIVE NOW!


3. When the song you downloaded on Limewire REPEATED THE CHORUS OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER.


4. When your mom wouldn’t give you money for that shirt you LOOOOOVED from the Abercrombie & Fitch catalog. Or the sweater with the moose on it. Or the zip-up hoodie with the fur inside. Or the Ezra Fitch jeans. THE F*CK?!

"why did you want me so bad?"
“why did you want me so bad?”

5. Waiting for a CD to finish burning.


6. When your CDs got scratched and started skipping. Especially ones you waited 2+ hours to finish burning!

This gives you nightmares.
This gives you nightmares.

7. When your friend posted a horrible picture of you on Webshots.


8. Getting a horrible crease in your hair from your straightener.


9. Clicking on someone’s subprofile without putting a false screen name in the URL. Now your screen name would appear on the list of “people who viewed this profile.” THE HORROR.


10. Talking to your crush on the phone and not knowing one of your siblings or parents picked up and was listening from another room. UGHHHHHHH, if you only you had your phone line.


11. When your Uggs started to smell. Should you have, like, worn socks with these things or something?


12. Thinking you had your sound on mute when you were on AIM Express in computer class, but you didn’t and the “open door” sound went off for everyone to hear.


13. Not having as much money as the cast of The OC. And not accepting that you didn’t live in California. The struggle was real.


14. When someone had you lower in order on their top 8 than you had them on your top 8. #MySpace.


15. Coping with the news that your idol, Brit, was a complete and total train wreck in 2007. But she made it through and so did you. PROPS.



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