Let’s face it — summer as twenty somethings is no longer the same. With school out of the way, most of us are working and when you have a job, you don’t get long periods of break from your work and responsibilities. Say goodbye to binge watching TV shows, staying up all night, long vacations, and spending time with your loved ones everyday in your favorite spot. I remember when I was younger, there would be several days during summer vacation when I’d get bored and wonder what I could do to take up my time. Now, I don’t have time to take up.

With a full time job, there really is little time for play. And often times because we’re tired, we don’t really know what to do to have fun and not make everyday feel like such a routine. Most people resort to Netflix after work and while that’s fun, it’s also not the only thing you can do. Changing things up would improve the quality of your life and bring back the happy feeling you got when you were younger and it was summer.

Here are 15 ways to unwind after work this summer.


1. Plan a trip

Try planning a trip with your family or friends. It could be just a weekend or a week, but either way, it’ll really liven up your summer. I personally think a few trips a year away from home and normal life is good for a person because it really clears their heads.


2. Take a walk

If you don’t know the area you work in too well, try exploring it. Or go to your favorite park and walk there, instead. It’s a great way to unwind and relax yourself.


3. Working out

Adding on to the list of things that get your endorphins going, try working out. You can go to the gym, play a sport with a local team (sometimes workplaces have charity sports games), or dance in a Zumba class. What helps is a really good workout mix that would pump you up and get you going.


4. Listen to music

Listening to music without working out can be fun, too. You can hear it on the way home from work, or you can put it on while you get stuff around the house done. Just make sure you’re having fun with it. Singing along can heighten up the experience as well.


5. Write

A lot of people enjoy writing, but say they don’t have the time or creativity. However, allocating at least fifteen minutes everyday to write something won’t take away too much of your time. Studies show that if you write at least five hundred words a day, you could be done with a novel by the end of a month. As for the creativity, there are tons of websites where you can find writing prompts to get you started.


6. Cooking

It’s easy to simply pick up takeout everyday after work for dinner to avoid wasting time going grocery shopping and cooking, but try setting up goals for days where you will go home and take the time to cook yourself dinner. Not only will it de-stress you, but it’s also shown to be healthier.


7. Reading

Whether you’re a fan of actual books or ebooks, try to set aside time to read every night. My go to reading times are during commutes to and from work or right before bed. And it doesn’t even have to be just books — you can also read articles and blog posts online that cater to your interests.


8. Organize

Organization can help a person feel better about their life. Try organizing your room, your desk, your makeup, your inbox or your clothes. Throw away anything that is clutter that you don’t need and try to keep up with it.


9. Take a bath

Get some bath salts from Lush, light up some candles, and make yourself a hot bath. You can also bring in a cup of chamomile tea and something to read. Or you can also bring your phone and catch up on your social media.


10. Draw/Color

Recent studies have shown that coloring is one of the biggest de-stressors and that adults are now resorting to it to help them relax. In fact, many art stores are selling adult coloring books with intricate designs. If you like drawing, do that, too.


11. Glass of wine

I’m not an alcohol person, but you might be. So a glass of wine after work is totally acceptable on a weekday according to several of my friends. You can drink it while you sit in a hot bath, or in front of your TV as you catch up on your shows, or even during dinner.


12. Happy Hour

Most bars or restaurants usually have happy hour set after work hours, so head to the bar with your co-workers or friends. You could grab dinner while you’re there, too, and catch up with each other. The cheap drinks is just an added bonus.

BONUS: If you have an Applebee’s near you, head over there. They have Half-Apps, which are appetizers for half off during a certain hour at night. Not only do they have great food and service, but it’s really affordable, too.


13. Bowling

Bowling alleys are usually open late and it’s a great game to play with a big or small group of people. They also usually have arcades there as well as a food place to eat or drink in.


14. Games/Concerts

Going to a sports game or a concert can be a great way to unwind as well. You don’t even necessarily have to be a big fan or know them before you go. Just being in a uplifting environment like that is fun. Who knows? You might walk out of there as a fan.


15. Napping

I’m not a big fan of naps, but I know a lot of people who are. When you’re really tired after, but have a lot to do that night or plans, a thirty minute nap is a great way to recharge.


The majority of these suggestions were courtesy of my friends, who are also twenty somethings. So these are proven to be great stress relievers after work, especially for the summer when you don’t want to let your days go to waste. Give them a try, or make up your own way to unwind for this summer, as long as you’re having a good time.


twenty three year old computer science student from new york who loves writing about her feelings, trashy reality shows, singing along to the radio while driving, boybands, and wearing her leather jacket. follow her on twitter @naureennashid.

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