1. He asks deep questions

  2. He’s a selfie king  


3. He’s a twenty-something (he’s 29!)

matt mcgorry instyle

4. He’s close with his co-stars

Oh you fancy, huh? @sheisdash Thanks for the suit @paulbetenly

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5. He used to be a bodybuilder


6. He plays douchebag Asher Millstone on How To Get Away With Murder, but is a softie IRL


7. He’s a feminist, and damn proud of it



8. He did magic as a kid and went by the stage name “Magic Matt”


9. But he did audition for Magic Mike  



10. He indulges in ice cream 


11. He’s cautious of the grammar police

I don’t like being rong.

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12. He was the Social Media Ambasaddor at this year’s SAG Awards, and made the most boring awards ceremony that much more interesting  

  Just sharing a little inside joke with my besties #sagawards !!! Ugh, you guys are the funniezzt!   A photo posted by Matt McGorry (@mattmcgorry) on

  13. He knows that the best way to lounge is with a sleeping mask and eating Swedish fish

#MorningAfterVibes A video posted by Matt McGorry (@mattmcgorry) on

  14. He posts the most epic throwback photos


15. He’s an uncle to adorable niece Noelle, so we know Bennett’s going to make a fantastic baby daddy



16. John Bennett really is the new black


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