Teens in shades taking a group selfie outdoors

1. Having to invite everyone every time you do something because where would you even draw the invite line? 


2. Being asked “who’s going?” every time you invite someone in the group somewhere.


3. Deciding whether or not you’re going somewhere when invited based on the answer to the “who’s going?” question… because you ask it too.


4. Dealing with that one person who doesn’t have money to do things, and having to change your plans because of him/her.


5. When people start inviting their other friends out who you aren’t even friends with, and probably don’t like. Okay, this went from squad to circus real quick.


6. Getting transportation to the bar or club because not even an Uber XL holds enough space for your squad.


7. Going out for a birthday basically every other weekend. Birthdays aren’t even special anymore. THEY ARE ALWAYS HAPPENING.


8. Group texts that take place during the workday. Ugh, everyone is so annoying. You can’t help it that you’re so *popular* though.


9. A lack of group texts because everyone got angry in the last one. Ugh, you have no friends. Only one person has texted you in the last 24 hours.


10. Feeling like everyone is going to forget about you if you miss one night out. No one is going to forget about you.


11. Claiming “no one is around” when maybe 2-3 people are in fact around, and then claiming “I have no friends” because of this. A night out with 3 people? But how?


12. Going on Timehop to see how many MORE friends you used to have and how close you all used to be. You think you have a squad now? Then what the fuck did you call your crew back then?


13. Upping the number of your squad even more when people start getting into relationships.


14. Dealing with overwhelmed significant others that clearly cannot handle your squad or understand your squad. You don’t have to like them, you just have to stand hanging out with them, please?


15. Trying to plan a get together with everyone. You can’t get the whole gang together anymore. This must be why they have weddings. And this must be why you send out invitations to those things a year in advance.


16. Trying to plan trips with everyone. Especially because all the significant others have to be involved. It would be weird to take a trip without your s/o with a bunch of people of the opposite sex (and same sex), right?


17. Trying to plan anything with everyone. People are busy, people are in relationships, and people don’t like going out as much.


18. Wishing for just one night you could go back to living it up with your original squad, but knowing those days are over. You’re old. Cut back on the friends and cut costs on your wedding. The future is coming. Real talk.


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