2015 is the year where we decided we missed the nineties too much to let it slip away. I saw someone in a lace/tattoo choker the other day, we’re talking a lot about Clueless, we’re getting new Full House AND new Powerpuff Girls, and now word is on the street that Limited Too is making a return. Take a Google Image Search of “Limited Too,” and let the nostalgia wash over you. For my part, I saw a catalog photo of a dress I owned…and didn’t hate it.

I’m cautiously excited about this development, but have a lot of questions. Only a few of them are below:


Will the store soundtrack be what today’s tweens are listening to, or what tweens listened to the last time they were popular? For the record, our vote is for a tasteful mix of the two.

Inflatable furniture- is that making a comeback too, or nah?

IMAGE CREDIT: Thelala.com

How many widths of flare/bell-bottoms will there be?

Related: low-rise? High-rise? What’re we working with here?

Hair wraps/scrunchies/glitter hair spray. All? None? How many will be making a comeback?

IMAGE CREDIT: HelloGiggles.com

Are the Olsen twins involved in this? As I recall, they were (intentionally or not) poster girls for LTD2.

Related: if there’s not product placement in their movies, what sassy and independent tween film franchise or serial will you attach yourselves to now?

At how many points will the zip-off pants be able to zip off?

How many Lip Smackers flavors are you planning on carrying? And will that include the soda flavored ones?

IMAGE CREDIT: YeahFlashback.com

Let’s talk incredible shrinking (and growing) tops. Are those on their way back? Sleeved, or sleeveless?

Given all the rules about dress codes in schools, how are you going to design hair clips that don’t get treated as weapons? I had many a headache from a sharp Limited Too hair thingy.

What’s the size range going to be? Can a small adult get in on this? Because I inexplicably have a few sweatshirts from you all that I still have room in (Mom wanted me to be able to grow into them, not really sure how big she wanted me to get…)

What names do you have for the colors that you’re planning to name things? Facebook Blue? MacBook Silver? Kale?

Today’s tweens are far less active than we were at their age. Can their ankles handle platform sneakers?

T. Swift approves. IMAGE CREDIT: Adweek

How excited are you that some of the things you were so well known for, are coming back around? Colorful eyeliner! Plaid! Tennies!

Will your models reflect the potential diversity of your clientele? Show off all manners of girl, we all want to see ourselves (or, our younger selves anyway) in it!

We thought you were owned by Justice (far inferior product, by the way). Was it a Kimmy Schmidt-style “Tooken” scenario? How did you get out?




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