About six months ago I started a new job in a new city where I basically only knew five people. I quickly realized that if I wanted to stay sane and enjoy my new life, I had to make friends — fast. Little did I know my coworkers would be my saving grace and my new best friends.

Here are 18 signs your work friends are actually your best friends too:

1. As soon as you get to work you message them on your office chat.



2. You talk on that office chat literally all day long. Even about the most mundane thing.



3. You mostly talk about office gossip.



4. You each keep tabs on the hot co-worker and update each other when he looks good, which is always.



5. If you witness something funny at work (or out of work), you immediately tell them.



6. If one of you sits by the kitchen or wherever free food goes, you let the other know when food has arrived.



7. You grab them an extra cookie just to make sure they get one if they aren’t around when free food comes along.



8. If you haven’t seen your office BFF for an extended period of time during the day, you message/text them and ask where they are.



9. You schedule time to sit down and eat lunch together.



10. You ask each other to go on walks to get out of the office (and maybe eat, even if you already ate lunch).



11. People probably think you’re a clique, but you’d gladly welcome other friends.



12. You dislike the same people.



13. You update them on almost every meeting you have because they definitely want to know your whereabouts 24/7.



14. There’s a good chance you’ve had a dream with them in it.



15. You’d think you’d get sick of them because you literally spend all day talking to one another but you don’t and you don’t know how.



16. If you’re bored after work, you text them.



17. You hang out when you’re not in the office, like after work and on weekends.



18. Whenever you need to bitch about something — work or not work — they’re the first one you go to.




Emily Bishop is a die-hard Marylander who has recently made the move to Boston. She enjoys telling others all about Maryland, reading books, watching tv/ movies, and being active. Emily can be found saying, "y'all" in almost every conversation. Additionally, she gets a lot of inspiration from her 22 year-old and a 5 year-old brothers (same parents, LOL). She is seriously addicted to Instagram and you can follow her as she adventures through time @ebishop02.

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