Author: Lauren Certo

Her brand is called SkinnyGirl and I’d be lying if I said that’s what I aspire to be. I will fully admit (although my mother despises it) I pretty much live and breathe Bethenny Frankel. Blah Blah Blah—I know reality shows are all fake and whatever—but foolishly in my head hers isn’t.

I haven’t OD-ed on her drinks yet but it’s come close a few nights. I could easily indulge myself into a bottle if I allowed myself to—calories don’t matter when no one is looking right? Recently, I was training for a marathon and the thought of another cross training day at the gym doing the elliptical and watching Teen Mom 2 made me want to dry heave. I took a chance and tried Bethenny Yoga, a video of Bethenny and a trained yogi, doing an hour of beginner’s yoga.

Not gonna lie to you—I wasn’t that good at it and struggled with some of the moves. But Bethenny’s no-bullshit sass and humor got me through the hour. I started incorporating the DVD into my routine, which had me doing Half Moon and Back Bends in my bedroom like the true weirdo that I am. But to my surprise, I started noticing a difference not only in my body, but I was getting better at yoga.

I got so used to the moves that I could do the whole routine with my eyes closed which after an eleven-hour work day—was just what the doctor ordered. I felt relaxed and zen after and all the bullshit of the day just washed away. As Bethenny explains in the DVD you have to fit in what you can during your week in terms of exercise—even if it’s her DVD or adding a power walk after your office lunch. Anything helps.

I recommend this workout to any 20-something that are on a budget and cannot afford to go take Bikram yoga or Cardio Barre like we all want to—like really, who has an extra $200 to drop on fitness classes? Bitch please. This DVD will stretch you out and make you feel rejuvenated to return to your boring office job. It’s also an added bonus that Bethenny bitches about exercising for a solid portion of the DVD…ahh, stars! They’re just like us!


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