Bromances are everywhere. They are are in the apartment above yours. They are behind you in line at the liquor store. They are sitting next to you at the movies. They are getting drinks at the bar. They are hitting on you also at the bar. They are everywhere.

Basically, guys got jealous when girls coined the term ‘BFF.’ They knew they had these so-called ‘BFFs’ too, but they couldn’t seriously give their best guy friends that title. So, they decided to take part in a ‘bromance’ instead.

To take part in a bromance, you don’t have to necessarily be a bro. You just have to be a guy with a friend who you love hanging out with alone on a regular basis. For us girls, it’s hard to know when two males are taking part in a bromance. We most often assume it’s a bromance when two dudes, who are not attracted to each other sexually, want to hang out with absolutely no females present. They usually frequent sub shops, pizza joints, and sports bars where they sit across from each other indulging in a quick bite (so they can get back to the couch asap) and a nice pitcher of the cheapest beer on draft. When not in public (and after eating), they can be found in the living room sitting next to each other on the couch (alone… in boxers) playing video games (often with a ‘fat blunt’) with absolutely no concept of reality (aka they are not responding to our text messages girls).

While ‘bro-ing out’ two guys in a bromance most likely do not tell each other everything like two female BFFs. They don’t talk about their feelings, unless it’s common knowledge (like a break up) and that conv lasts maybe 2 minutes before it switches to the topic of ‘bitches.’ They don’t give each other details about basically anything except how the sex was and if they’re going to call her again. Basically, not much conversation is needed for two guys to know they love each other in a non-romantic way. As long as they can carry a conversation about their favorite sport, enjoy playing the same video games, and find the same girls attractive, they’ve got a bromance for days.

Sure we may get mad when our boyfriends have to make time for their friend other boyfriend, but it’s okay because it’s cute. It’s cute that they want to hang out without us girls once in a while. It’s cute that they want to get dinner and talk about their feelings sports. It’s cute that they want to sit on the couch all night with each other and talk play video games. It’s cute that they have their own BFF that they would never call a BFF (but we know differently).

That is why us girls love the bromance just as much as the guys. We love that they have a go-to friend they can… go to when we’re busy getting mani-pedis and other girly shit. So please, guys, keep your bromances alive. Really. It’s precious.


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  1. The picture that you used does not represent bromance. It’s a picture of a gay couple.

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