Perhaps this post should be renamed ‘I Love Eating Air,’ but since I know I’m not alone… I will leave it as is.

I love eating air. Not, like, the legit air we breathe outside… but the air in foods such as popcorn, rice cakes, veggie straws, etc. I love how empty and full the food makes me feel – all at the same time. It’s like I’m not hungry to eat anything else, but I don’t feel like I just ate 6 worlds and have to unbutton my jeans, run to the nearest bathroom (jk – not bulimic), or get my ass to the gym. It’s great.

Not to mention, the food is full of barely any calories. Oh, you want 38 veggie sticks? That would be 130 calories. AKA nothing. Love it. The only problem is that veggie straws (like popcorn and other air-filled foods) are addicting. That is why the makers of the product got together and decided their healthy snack shouldn’t be making people fat… so they created mini bags that only consist of 130 calories. Everyone wins.

Popcorn is another addicting food, but thankfully they sell 100 calorie bags. And 100 calories of popcorn takes waaaay longer to eat than a tiny, little bar. After eating a tiny, little bar I always want more. After popcorn, I want nothing. That is why popcorn is the way to go – and, like, the best snack ever.

Like popcorn, rice cakes are another classic air-filled snack that stop your stomach from growling without feeding it 300 calories. Rice cakes range from 35 calories to 55… and they are awesome. You have lightly salted (which can get boring), cheddar cheese, salted caramel, the list goes on. So if you need to satisfy your hunger, but don’t feel like wasting a bunch of calories, grab a rice cake. It’s like the new snickers.

So my fellow fans of eating air, what is your fave low cal thing to eat?


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