Nothing says ‘I don’t give a fuck’ more than a big, fat margarita – frozen or on the rocks. When you picture a margarita, you not only picture the drink, but you picture freedom. Margaritas are usually associated with vacations on tropical islands, happy hours after work, and – well – happiness in general. Margaritas are great for casual drinking and rage drinking. I mean, if you’re looking to get wasted, why not enjoy what you’re drinking while doing it? Let’s be serious – no one actually enjoys taking shots of vodka (or at least I don’t – thank you freshman year of college).

Different Kinds:

There are many different kinds of margaritas out there. You have ‘regular’ margaritas, which taste like lime… and if you want to get expensive, you can make a ‘top shelf margarita’ (cue the patron). Then you have flavored fruity margaritas – which can be strawberry (my fave), pomegranate, mango,  raspberry, melon, etc. The best part is that you can change of any of these awesome drinks to a frozen drink (which is perfect for the beach – or if you didn’t eat dinner and want to feel full – it’s all about the illusion). You can also choose if you want salt, sugar, or nothing on the rim. YUM. You can even make a virgin margarita for the young-ins. Everyone wins!

Marg Madness.

The Health Factor

Margaritas vary in calories. It really depends where you’re drinking them and what kind you get. Of course, a frozen margarita from Friday’s is going to full of cals (but they’re just soooo good)… but a homemade margarita on the rocks probably won’t be that bad. In fact, margaritas can be 100 calories or less! These are called ‘skinny margaritas’ and many restaurants have them on their menu now. This is all thanks to Bethenny, who invented the ‘Skinny Girl Margarita.’ I happened to be a big fan of SGM… and then I only drank SGM for 3 months straight… You can imagine how sick of it I was after that. But, if you drink it in small doses, it’s not that bad!

Hun-cal ritas? Sign me up!

Ritas vs Margs:

So you want to celebrate this fantastic holiday tonight and you are sending a mass text out to your friends asking if they want to get margaritas. However, you are in a dilemma. As a true 20-something, you must use abbreves (your friends are busy and do not have time to read full words… and frankly, you don’t have the time to write them)… so when abbreviating ‘margarita’ what do you say? ‘Wanna get margs after work?‘ or ‘Meet me for ritas later?’ Margs or ritas? Ritas or margs? It is a serious dilemma. Personally, I use both for different occasions. When drinking in my own apartment or at someone else’s, I use ‘margs.’ This is probably because ‘makin’ margs’ sounds more fun than ‘makin’ ritas.’ When I’m getting the drink at a restaurant or bar, I use ‘ritas.’ I don’t know why – this is just how it has always worked for me. What about you?

Need this now.

Ways to Celebrate ‘National Margarita Day’:

If you haven’t already heard, today is National Margarita Day (hence the margarita dedicated post). Maybe you will celebrate and maybe you won’t. If you are planning to celebrate (and who wouldn’t) here are some things you can do: 1. Casual drunk (Mexican) dinner with friends involving ritas. 2. Make margs with a few friends, sit on the couch, and watch TV until you all pass out. 3. Go out and fill up on top shelf ritas at the nearest bar. or 4. Go to your friend’s apt and make sure someone brings a ‘marg making machine.’ It’s necessary.

Wait... They knew they were being filmed?! I thought this was a reality show!

Whether or not you decide to celebrate ‘National Margarita Day’ today, you can still celebrate Margaritas any other day of the week. So if work won’t let you go home (cough me cough), no worries – celebrate margaritas this weekend. We love margaritas every day!


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