As we prepare to say goodbye to 2011, we also prepare for the one night of the year it is acceptable to wear a dress that looks like one of my old dance costumes. Yes, that’s right. New Year’s Eve.

Twenty somethings love NYE. Actually, we have always loved NYE. When we were little, we were allowed to stay up way past our bed time. When we were in high school, we were allowed to stay out way past our curfew. And ever since we’ve legally been allowed to drink, we’ve been able to check out the bar scene rather than head to a boring, anticlimactic house/apartment party.

Although being 21+ on NYE may seem like the best thing ever, there are some problems that go along with it. For those of us in our early twenties, we have no money. We are either unemployed, employed with a shitty salary, or are spending all of our money on rent, clothes, alcohol… oh and maybe some student loans too. Since spending a lot (and by a lot, we mean A LOT) of money on NYE is a must if you want to have a good time, we are pretty much screwed. NYE is an excuse for bars to charge an obscenely expensive cover just to walk into their doors. Maybe food, drinks, and party favors will be included… or maybe they won’t.

Most open bar parties, which are probably the only ones you would even think about breaking the bank for, are around $100-125+. Well, that is like way past your budget… So you’re left with those random bars that will charge you for drinks (that is, if you can even navigate your way to the bar through the endless crowds of people). Among the places you can afford you’ve got a club that will make you wait in line even though you paid 50 bucks for a ticket… or a bar (that you were actually just at last weekend… for free) that included food with your 40 dollar ticket, but like enough food for maybe 10 people out of the 300 people there.

After finding this horrible news out, you decide to wait it out. You are SURE something better (slash awesome) will come along. So you wait. And wait. And wait. And now it’s like the day before NYE and you’ve got no plans. Some friends are going to that overpriced bar you didn’t want to go to because they didn’t serve free drinks… and now it’s sold out. Other friends are going to a ridiculously expensive open bar party that you didn’t want to go to because you didn’t want to spend the money… and now it’s sold out. Other friends are traveling to another cool city and going out to a party, but you didn’t want to go because you didn’t want to pay the costs of travel PLUS an expensive night out on the town… and now the tickets to that party are sold out. The rest of your friends are in the same boat as you. Alone. With no plans.

So what the hell are you going to do? Here is the step-by-step process you should take if you are in a plan-less situation:

1. Facebook message and text everyone you know asking what they are doing for NYE.

2. Search online for all the bars/clubs/parties your friends are going to and see which ones are sold out.

3. If they’re all sold out, put yourself on as many guest lists as you can.

4. If they’re too much money (or you just can’t get any tickets), reach out to the friends who responded that they were going to house parties.

5. Try to get yourself invited to said house party.

6. No luck? Or (even worse) no one to go with? Stay in with your significant other.

7. No significant other? Reach out to those people who had no plans.

8. Try to make plans with the people who had no plans. Wine and food on the couch in sweatpants? At least you didn’t buy that $100 sequined dress you’ll never wear again.

9. No one wants to hang out with you? See if you can get a last minute babysitting job. Craigslist, sittercity, Surf the sh*t out of the internet for one.

10. No one trusts you with their children? Stay in by yourself and watch balls drop. They may not be the real thing, but at least you’re not spending money you don’t have to find the real thing. Oh, and you can even go to the gym the next morning since you won’t be hungover…

Whatever you’re doing, don’t blow it out of proportion. It’s just another night out. And you probably won’t even remember it (if you have a successful night). The only difference between NYE and every other weekend night is that this time you’ll be counting down from 10 at midnight in a crazy, itchy dress or shirt and tie… and at midnight, it will be a different year. Since 20-somethings love an excuse to rage, we embrace NYE. However, we do not embrace the overpriced cover charges, the hype to do something awesome when we can’t find plans, and the overcrowded environment that prevents us from getting a drink at that open bar we payed 100+ dollars to go to.

Regardless of NYE’s shenanigans, tomorrow will be the last day of 2011. Whether you had a good year or great year, it is time to say goodbye to the past year… and say hello to 2012. So get drunk, have fun with whoever you’re with (even if it’s yourself), and get ready for whatever is ahead!

Sequins, sparkles, friends, party favors, apps, & drinks. Could you ask for anything else? Happy New Year twenty somethings!


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