Some people look forward to the turkey, Grandma’s chunky mashed potatoes or green bean casserole, but I for one could go without Thanksgiving food. Last year my mom made lasagna because I was stuck in Boston working Black Friday, so the family came to me to celebrate.

The point is: I would gladly upgrade to my mom’s Italian cooking than eat a dried turkey, but that’s not always how life works (don’t tell the Pilgrims and Indians.)

One experience I did miss out on last year was Thanksgiving Eve in my small-town in Western, NY. And I must say I’m very excited to have already clicked “attending” on the Facebook invite to the drunken pregame with the reunion of all of my high-school friends who are home for the holidays.

While I’m sure I have no idea what the Wednesday before Thanksgiving will have in store for me, I’m willing to take a shot and make a few educated guesses.

Wait, how much is that beer?
Yes, the drinks really ARE that cheap. By going out in a city all the time I’ve found it’s a steal if you can get a beer for less than five dollars usually, but in hometown dive bars, dollar beers are no problem! Is this a disaster waiting to happen or a lottery win for 20-somethings? That my friends, is up to you!

Extra-loving embraces
After a few too many of those cheap beers, you’ll probably finding yourself hugging people who you may not of talked to in years. Queue the slow-motion sentimental music, it’s Thanksgiving Eve and you person-who’s-name-has-slipped-my-drunken-mind, deserve a hug! Even though, when you’re sober the last thing you want to do is hug someone you don’t know!

So WHAT have you been up to?
Please, attempt to summarize your boring job that you hate and the boyfriend that you can’t get rid of to me in a matter of minutes so I can move on to the next riveting story. Wait, where’s my next dollar beer at?

But seriously, let’s keep in touch!
Remember the song by Vitamin C? “We will still be friends forever.” Well, you might start to feel a similar sentiment in your bud light infused haze.

I love this girl! Why don’t we talk like, everyday? We have so much in common!

This typically results with empty promises to get together soon and make sure you Skype or participate in weekly phone dates. In reality, you might not see them again until next year’s Thanksgiving Eve rolls around.

I don’t care how amicably you and your boyfriend of a certain number of months or years parted, that shit can be awkward no matter how much time has passed. You exchange overly polite pleasantries while you try to pretend like you didn’t used to make out on the reg. ‘Tis the season, right guys?

Drunk dial your sister at 2 a.m.
Ah, the dreaded last call. But WAIT, there are no cabs in this good-for-nothing-town. How the heck will you get home? Why didn’t you think ahead?! Shouldn’t you be, like, an adult now or something?

Suddenly, you remember your well-behaved younger sibling who would love to drag herself out of bed and come get you at the bar. No, she definitely won’t hold this favor over your head for the rest of time, don’t you even worry about that!


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