Last fall I was in a huge workout rut.  I was training for my next marathon and putting way too many miles on my legs.  I was sick of lacing up my shoes at the gym and hopping onto the elliptical for an hour to watch another episode of “Teen Mom.”  I was craving a major change.  I decided to face the unknown and take a Zumba class.

I had seen a few girls chat about it on my Facebook feed not really knowing what the hell it was.   But I knew I had decades of dance training under my belt so I figured I’d be able to keep up.  I have to admit it took a lot of courage to enter a class alone.  I wanted someone by my side who I could roll my eyes to.  However, sixty minutes later it looked like I had just gone swimming.  Drenched in sweat, no eye roll needed.

The class contained everything I loved from booty popping hip hop moves to salsa dancing to aerobic circuits.  It was everything I loved wrapped into one package.  I consistently started going twice a week and now months later I continue incorporating Zumba into my weekly routine.

The best reward of it all is seeing a difference in my body and I fully recommend it to every 20-something with a busy schedule (let’s face it that’s all of us.)  The workout will leave you feeling super accomplished and wanting to go hit the club…after a quick shower.  It will push yourself to use different muscles while the music helps energize you.  I also found the structure of having a set time to go to class help when it came to my work schedule.  It made me more diligent during the day so that when the time came to leave for class I wasn’t still drowning in paperwork.

Seriously, tap into your inner salsa goddess…not going to lie you may feel a little funny at first but once you let yourself go and pop-lock it-drop it with everyone else in the class…you’ll be hooked!



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