He was an alien. A Genie. An old man stuck in a board game. A hip, old nanny… and a strange middle aged man (at the same time).


He was a therapist. A PENGUIN (or two). A gay father. A real father (to three kids). A husband. A comedian. An icon. A person.

And yesterday, the world lost that person.

He was Robin Williams.

I loved Robin Williams when I was growing up. Actually, love might be an understatement. Not only did I continuously watch Mrs. Doubtfire on repeat, wearing the shit out of that VHS (because I guess we were all obsessed with old creepy men as kids), but I was freakishly obsessed with the Genie in Aladdin. Like, I think I strained my vocal chords reciting his songs from the movie over and over and over and over.

And so after watching this scene from Aladdin when the Genie was set free, I started crying because 1. I am overly emotional and 2. THIS WAS OUR CHILDHOOD. Robin Williams was our childhood. And we will never, ever forget him. A true comedy legend, gone too soon.

Robin Williams warmed hearts though children movies, serious roles, and stand-up gigs. In fact, he was even called upon by Steven Spielberg to tell jokes to the cast of Schindler’s List while the depressing film was in production. There wasn’t a single sole out there who Robin Williams couldn’t make smile, except unfortunately himself. It’s crazy that someone who made so many people happy was so unhappy. We hope he finds peace and happiness now <3

We will miss you Robin. Thanks for the laughs!


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