A College Education: Some people can’t even afford food. Those people are now us… but somehow we managed to pay for college. Or are somehow managing to pay it back now…

Kanye West: He just raps so well.

Gym Memberships: If you can afford it.

David Guetta: Without this dude, dance music wouldn’t be mainstream in the US. Or would it?

Open Bars: When they actually happen. Which is a most definitely a rare event.

The Color Black: It makes everyone look good.

Facebook: Without it, you certainly wouldn’t have as many friends. And you wouldn’t have the extra self confidence boost you get when you see that someone got fat.

Family: While friends come and go, family usually tends to stick around.

Having A Job: In this economy, you can’t complain if you’re making money… Right?

Full House Re-Runs: Just like you could rely on Nick at Nite to provide you with your parent’s old favorite shows, now Nick at Nite provides you with YOUR old favorite shows – AKA Full House. So when nothing else is on between the hours of 8pm and 10pm, Nick at Nite has you covered. Again.

Sunglasses: To guard you from the sun… and people you don’t want to talk to.

Chocolate: Especially when you’re on your period… And especially when it’s in Nutella form.

The Ability To Pay Rent: 80% of you reading this could still be (or are) living at home with your parents… but most of you probably aren’t. So if you can pay rent and you don’t technically have to, you’re not actually struggling for cash.

Coffee: To keep you awake at work after a long night out and to keep you from falling asleep at the bar after a long day at work.

Not Being In Our 20s In The 80s: Have you seen pictures of your parents from the 80s? Because that era happened.

Frozen Yogurt: Seriously do not even get me started on fro-yo. Like, why doesn’t Thanksgiving involve fro-yo with make your own toppings?

Alcohol: Just not it’s day after effects.

Free Stuff: It doesn’t even mean you’re cheap. Who doesn’t love a free t-shirt, free water bottle, free

Pitbull: Every song he makes gets me to dance. Even in my sleep. It’s weird.

Freedom of Speech: Without it, this website wouldn’t exist.

Happy Thanksgiving 20-somethings! 🙂


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