Later this year I’ll turn 29 and officially descend  into my thirties. As I get older, I’m  more and more happy and content with who I am and what I have. Here are 20 ways I’ve changed in my twenties:

1. I’m more of a loner. In a good way. I no longer have to be out every Friday night surrounded by tons of people to have a good time. I don’t fear eating lunch alone or going to the bathroom without a flock of friends.

2.  I’ve realized things like politics, religion, relationships and careers aren’t black and white and that it’s ok.

3. Over the years I’ve become increasingly sure of who I am. The more life experiences I have, the more sure I am.

4. While quantity of friends may dwindle, as I get older I feel I surround myself with quality friends who have my back.

5. My FOMO is almost gone.

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6. I’m more content.

7. I don’t sweat the small things.

8. I’ve let go of toxic relationships. You just can’t spend your days being brought down by someone else’s crap.

9. Life is hard and it probably always will be. I’ve experienced career hardships, family fallout and deaths of loved ones. These things will always happen, it’s important to find ways to cope.

10. I’m nicer. I’ve become less of a gossipy mean girl. If you’re over 22, you’re too old to be a bitch.

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11. I love my parents. No strings attached. When you stop seeing your parents as parents and providers, you have a new love and appreciation that was never there before.

12. I’ve stopped setting timelines for myself.

13. I understand and value diversity. I went to school in the SEC. College diversity was comprised of hanging out with someone in a different sorority. I now live in a culturally-diverse city which has broadened my mind and outlook.

14. I try and live a healthy lifestyle because I know the impact it will have on me later.

15 I (sort of) understand money and finances. I spend less on nights out, don’t spend more than I can pay off and am maxing out my 401K.

16. However, I do know when to shell out. As a new-ish homeowner, I know the gravity of skimping on the necessities.

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17. I know how to love selflessly and unconditionally. I started dating my now husband when I was only 21 and truly love him in a way now that I was incapable of years ago.

18. I have solo hobbies. I’ve learned to not expect my spouse, friends or job to fulfill every part of me. Cook, read, watch TV or play sports – do something that is all yours.

19. I try not to judge. I’ve learned you never know what someone else is going through.

20. Age truly is just a number.


Laura DePeters is a (very) late twenty-something living in Atlanta with her husband and pup. A full-time social media supervisor, she's constantly trolling the web. She's an avid SEC college football fan (war eagle!) and enjoys trying to make real life more like Pinterest-life. Can be found watching reality TV, attempting to play tennis and ransacking the clearance section. Twitter: @ladepeters | More on me:

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