The Best Food Deal for a Money Diet in Boston?

I’ve definitely been trying to avoid eating out, as I am still on my money diet (the bank & body diet), but sometimes you can’t always avoid it. You may have a boyfriend who begs you to go out for greasy slices of pizza and huge, unnecessary brunches all the time and you can’t turn it down the third time he asks because you secretly want it too… or you might have friends visiting who want to get together for a meal out of the apartment before they leave… OR all your friends might plan dinner and drinks somewhere one night and you just can’t resist missing out on a night of fun with everyone… Either way, you’re pretty much screwed (story of my life).

If you have to go out to dinner (and don’t feel like spending all your money), here is one restaurant/bar where you can be sure to save money… Pour House. Cheap meals, cheap beer, huge portions, and a good time. I’m talking 5 dollar French Toast & huge, cheap beers. Brunch is a favorite there.

The French Toast. Only 5 dollars. And its good.

Banana pancakes.

Pourmosas. 6.50 each.

There was more food, but these are the only pics I took. Anddddddd dinners cheap too (HUGE portions)… and the draft beers are in super huge, tall glasses. Winning. As for the bar-at-night scene – EH. Okay for a casual night… but there’s no dancing, soooooooo not my scene (unless I’m tired) 🙂

Samantha Matt

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