You Know You Graduated From College When…

– Instead of naming your Facebook photo albums after lyrics from your favorite rap song or drunken quotes from last night – you name it “Spring,” “Summer,” “My pictures,” or something BORING because you’re too old to make some immature album title.

– You stay in on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. And Wednesday. and Thursday. And occasionally on Friday (and Saturday).

– You barely talk to anyone during the week. Except your family if you live at home, your boyfriend/girlfriend if you have one, and your coworkers.

– You have no interest in socializing at the gym anymore.

– You’re making an entry level salary (unless you went to school for engineering, finance, etc) and struggle deciding whether or not to buy a new shirt or saaaaaave your money.

– You think because you finally are making more money than ever before that you can just spend, spend, spend. But you really can’t if you ever want to move out.

– Instead of going out all the time, you’re limited to only 1 or 2 nights a week – so you go all out (AKA Rage Blackout) when you do.

– You have to pack your gym clothes and put them in your car or you will never make it to the gym after work.

-You wake up at 730 on the dot (or earlier) on Saturday or Sunday because you’re so used to waking up for work.

– Even though you have a job, you’re probably still searching for a better one.

Samantha Matt

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