How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Gay

  • He enjoys being the little spoon… In fact, he never wants to be the big spoon – he always wants YOU to be the big spoon.
  • Instead of going out on Friday nights, he wants to stay in, eat Fro Yo (not ice cream – too many cals), and watch Broadway musicals with you in bed (while being the little spoon).
  • He won’t have sex with you. Even when you ask (or beg) him to. (No guy has that much will power)
  • He is a member of Rue La La, Haute Look, and/or Ideeli.
  • He wears dark, designer jeans. And ONLY dark, designer jeans.
  • He counts calories. And he isn’t on weight watchers.
  • He has more clothes than you. And shoes (nice shoes – not nike bball sneaks).
  • He doesn’t mind shopping with you… In fact, he loves it. And he will pick out your purchases for you.
  • He is constantly shitting on your gay friends – and all gay people in general. (You know what they say – homophobes are usually hiding something!)
  • He secretly or openly loves divas and has a playlist dedicated to Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, and Whitney Houston on his iPod
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