New Girl Style Spotter: Jess’s Chic Coats

Even though Jess’s outfits took a back seat to Nick’s emotional conflict with his father and the side-story of Schmidt trying (and failing) to win back Cece’s love, Tuesday’s episode of New Girl, A Father’s Love, still provided some notable fashion moments. With her classic argyle sweater and bright, adorable peacoats, Jess shows us how best to stand out while bundling up for winter.

In the very first scene of the episode, Jess channels her schoolteacher style with a navy argyle sweater. She really commits to the look, by pairing the sweater with a pleated skirt and thick-framed reading glasses.

Jess’s exact sweater is from J. Crew, but the style is sold out online (because who doesn’t want to dress like Zooey?!). The example below by Juicy Couture is a more graphic, modern take on the classic argyle sweater. The bright colors and exaggerated print make this cozy wool sweater less school-teacher-y, but you can still get Jess’s preppy, awkward-but-cute look by donning a pair of reading glasses. If you don’t actually need glasses, but wish you did (like me!), Urban Outfitters has the best selection of fake readers. The pair below is very similar to Jess’s tortoise-shell glasses.

Juicy Couture Chateau Mohair Sweater, $125, Shopbop

Spitfire Coco Readers, $39, Urban Outfitters

After we’re introduced to Nick’s father, Walt, and follow the group to the bar, where Nick’s embarrassing childhood nicknames are revealed, we’re brought to the racetrack, where Walt convinces Jess that all Nick has ever wanted was to own a racehorse. Since Jess is so gullible, she of course believes this immediately and helps Walt purchase a horse, that turns out not to be for Nick at all – instead, it is a poorly thought-out money-making scheme. At the end of the episode, we see Nick, Jess, and Walt trying to sell the horse to some creeps in a parking lot (who are apparently in the market for horse semen). In this climactic part of the episode, Jess shows off another J. Crew wardrobe staple, the Majesty Peacoat.

You can find Jess’s exact peacoat (in cobalt, rather than green) below, along with her red shoulder clutch by Kate Spade. Jess keeps her look classic and put-together with a pair of black skinny jeans and a crisp, white button-down blouse.

Majesty Peacoat, $190, J. Crew

Kate Spade Red Fox Chapel Winnie Shoulder Clutch, $159, Ebay

Skinny Ankle Jeans in Black Frost Wash, $115, Madewell

Camp Popover, $50, J. Crew

The Majesty Coat is not the only pretty peacoat Jess shows off in this episode. She wears a very unique red and houndstooth-printed piece of outerwear to the racetrack in the middle of the episode. It turns out that is the same Karen Millen coat that Jess wore in Season 1, Episode 10 (The Story of the 50). A little tailoring transformed this red coat, which was already a statement piece, into an edgier, quirkier version, by incorporating the bold houndstooth print.

If you’re not up to this DIY coat-sewing experiment, I would recommend choosing one or the other – these red and houndstooth options are equally chic, and both are fun, stand-out pieces!

Double Breasted Coat, $160, Zara

Trinity Houndstooth Coat, $70, Piperlime

[image credits: spotted on tv, shopbop, urban outfitters, j. crew, ebay, madewell, wwzdw, zara & piperlime]

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