New Girl Style Spotter: J. Crew Obsession

I’ve noticed this season that Jess’s style has gotten way preppier as the weeks go by, and one indication of that is the amount of clothing she wears from J.Crew. This week’s episode, Parking Spot, takes it to a whole new level, since almost her entire outfit is made up of pieces from our favorite preppy retailer. In the episode, Jess and her roommates are fighting over a parking spot they found in the garage, and more awkwardness ensues surrounding the kiss between Jess and Nick that happened two episodes ago.

Throughout the entire episode, Jess wears a brilliant purple sweater paired with a short black skirt and wool tights. Her purple skimmer flats pop against the dark tights and match the sweater perfectly. In the scene where Jess is running to try to move her car to the coveted spot, she tops the outfit with her signature Majesty Peacoat from J.Crew, which we’ve seen her in before. She also carries a black heart bag from H&M (also seen before). As always, Jess’s look is preppy, but not boring. She manages to add a whimsical element and make the outfit her own with the short skirt and heart-shaped bag. Lucky for you, you can recreate her look almost to a tee with the pieces below. They are all exact matches, except for the heart bag, with H&M no longer carries. The version from ASOS is very similar, though.

Cashmere Tippi Sweater in Fresh Purple, $100, J.Crew

(Another great option is the non-cashmere version of the same sweater, for less than half the price.)

Cece Suede Ballet Flats in Fresh Plum, $128, J.Crew

Majesty Peacoat in Navy, $190, J.Crew

Velvet Quilted Heart Bag, $19, ASOS

[image credits:,, j.crew, asos]

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