New Girl Style Spotter: Quick Hardening Caulk

Who knew that a trip to the hardware store could be so seductive? In this week’s episode of New Girl, Quick Hardening Caulk, Jess becomes inexplicably sexually attracted to Nick after he starts to show signs of ambition and actually tries at his job (unfortunately to impress his new boss, who he’s sleeping with). The pair end up at a hardware store, where Jess is unabashedly lusting over Nick, and the terms “long-shafted drive drill” and “quick-hardening caulk” are casually thrown around. In a fury of frustration, Jess pushes the ladder Nick is standing on, which causes him to knock a 2×4 into her chin, rendering her unconscious. Back at the apartment, while hopped up on pain meds, Jess reveals her inner desire to sleep with him. All juicy details aside, let’s get to the outfits…

For the bulk of the episode, Jess wears one of her signature fit-and-flare dresses (this one by Shoshanna) in a berry pink color, with a black belt cinching in the waist. I like the dress, because it’s cute and casual, and it’s a great choice in the winter or early spring with tights. For the hardware-store excursion, she throws on her tried-and-true J.Crew Majesty Peacoat in navy. The color combination works well, and Jess keeps accessories very minimal to play up the polished, clean lines of the look.

Another notable fashion item that I really enjoyed from the episode was this red checked shirt that Jess wore in the opening scene. You can find a similar style from J.Crew.

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