Britney Spears Has A Message For Congress (In Video Form): Work Bitch

Once upon a time a young, innocent, really hot girl named Britney came on the scene. Sometimes she ran, sometimes she hid, and sometimes she was afraid. She also rocked a mean crop top and occasionally hung from trees.

We watched Britney grow from a young, pure teen into a sexy, rebellious young woman who danced around with snakes and made out with Madonna… and we fucking loved her.

One day, Brit Brit broke up with her boyfriend, Justin Timberlake and she got really sad. So did we because they were, like, the best power couple ever. This breakup clearly was okay for her in the short run but obviously not too good for her in the long run. It led her from being a hot, independent woman (above) to a cray cray balding freak (below). AHH.

But then she came back.

It’s Britney, bitch.

Anddddddd, she’s been here to stay ever since. Most recently releasing this carnival of a music video for ‘Work Bitch.’ Now if this is a preview of what her Vegas show has to offer, count. me. in.

You know, sometimes I feel like Brit is stuck in a game of Kings were she has to follow the rule of saying ‘bitch’ at the end of everything she says. Or maybe she just has a really horrid potty mouth. Either way, this song would have been way better if it was ‘Work Betch.’ It would also be ironic because, well, betches don’t work. Duh.

Anyway, what is ironic about this video is that it came out today. YOU TELL EM’ BRIT.

Dear Congress,

It’s Britney, bitch.

Oh, and… you better work, bitch.


Queen Britney Spears

Samantha Matt

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