The Top 15 Things That Limited Too Sold in the 90s

Wearing Limited Too in the 90s was the basic bitch thing to do back then. Or, “basic bitch in training” if you will.

I, of course, was the baddest (basic) bitch around back then, rocking Limited Too from head to toe on a daily basis with only the finest accessories in my bedroom from the store. I was totally an ~*LTD2 grl*~ and I LOVED IT.

If you were an LTD2 girl, you’ll probably recognize the below. Here are the top 15 things that Limited Too used to sell before the 90s became a thing of the past and Limited Too became Justice (aka became cheaper).

[I would like to thank the internet for this post, because without it, this trip down memory lane may not have been possible]


1. Camis. With built in bras. Because we had such large boobs.


2. Sparkle Camis. Because this was SO different than a regular cami. Wore this guy to an 8th grade dance once. SO FASHION.


3. Spice Girls Lollipops. Because Nsync and BSB lollipops would not have been as cool. #GIRLPOWER


4. Silky Pajamas & Cotton Pajamas. Not wearing these bad boys? YOU CAN’T PAJAMA PARTY WITH US.


5. Glitter Caboodles. Dance competition essentials!!!


6. These overalls that Michelle wore on Full House when Comet ran free through the streets of San Francisco. I had these overalls. #NeverForget


7. PHOTOS FROM THE IN-STORE PHOTO BOOTH. Because you needed something to do while mom waited in line with her credit card.


8. Graphic Ts with animals and peace signs on them. Check out this girl’s TBT. SHE WAS SOOOO 90S.

images (2)

9. Digital Cameras?! We would apparently buy ANYTHING from Limited Too.


10. These Squishy Things… What even are these and why?



11. Bras for people without boobs. Because very few 8-10 year olds had boobs. So why were these being sold? MOM I JUST WANT THIS BRA FOR THE FASHION. Now I whip that thing off the moment I step inside my apartment. Oh how things have changed.


12. Flared Jeans. I heard, from a friend of a friend of a friend, that these guys are coming back. Thanks but no thanks fashion world. SKINNY JEANS 4 LYFE.


13. Inflatable Furniture. Because this was normal. And also comfortable. Wait…


 14. Inflatable… Bags??? Someone explain this to me.


15. ALL PLEATHER EVERYTHING. I got my first *pleather* item from Limited Too in the 90s and I have never looked back. I somehow convinced my mom to buy me this badass pleather skirt, and I wore it like a boss. Now I wear my leather pants from Nordstrom like a boss, literally, because I wear them to work. #ItBeganAtLTD2 #NeverLookedBack


RIP Limited Too. You will forever be in our hearts.


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    1. I was never allowed to have one of those because they were “tacky” but I wanted one so bad….. What about those short sleeve angora sweaters?! They were so fluffy and soft. I did have one of those!

  1. I was never oldenough to have three spice girl lollipop when they were out(idk why my parents attempted to shield me from them when my older sister loved the girls) BUT when I finally got one it was the best ever!

  2. Hahaha that squishy thing…I had one of those just because all my friends had one so I HAD to have one too!!

  3. I love this as my tween girls were totally decked out in Ltdtoo, but as former Gap employee Pretty sure little Michelle’s overalls were from Gapkids…

  4. I think that the phrase “basic bitch” is not a good thing, it’s the opposite of being the “baddest bitch” — not too up to date with the popular vernacular but anytime i heard someone called “basic” it was not positive

  5. i used to have one of those squishy things but i walked in on my brother masturbating with it and i never touched one again 🙁

  6. The shorts that said things like “cheer” and “gymnast” across the butt from LTD2.. Yeeeeah every cool girl (including myself) in my middle school rocked those!

  7. I legit remember the catalog page in #12 and I had that exact purple chair from #13. I really wanted the inflatable bed so I could RULE THE WORLD. But I never got it and it’s probably for the best.

    (Later on in life, I would sleep on an inflatable mattress through an extended period in college and grew to hate it.)

  8. I remember that I bought one of those sheer things that you hang above your bed like you would see over a princesses bed and I thought it was so cool! Until my cat ate the stars that were on it and climbed up it until the top ripped off…

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