Why Blank Space Is Taylor Swift’s Best Video Ever

The Blank Space video dropped today and it made me love the song 100000000 times more. Why? Because the new, snarky 1989 Taylor gives zero f***s about anything. She is completely aware the entire world thinks she can only sing about one thing: ex-boyfriends. So she wrote an entire song about it, where with humility and sass she pokes fun of her old music, tabloids and pop culture in general. Behold the greatness:

The video opens with Taylor in black lace and two white horses. White. Horse. Remember that song? Off the bat, Tay is showcasing her evolution, while poking fun at an old album.

Source: YouTube

The entire video is pretty much a mockery of her relationship with that Kennedy kid. LOLZ, Taylor.

Source: YouTube

Much of the video mimics her 2008 Love Story video. Instead of standing on a balcony in a white dress, Taylor takes to the balcony in a LBD and red lips. She don’t need no Romeo!

Source: YouTube

The video ends with her cutting nip holes in her not-so-prince charming’s shirt. Because Tay will not fall victim to Hollywood’s objectifying ways.

Source: YouTube

I’ve watched this video about 50 times today. I need help, y’all.

Laura DePeters

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