10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use “Bae” Seriously

1. It sounds like an abbreviation for baby. And it doesn’t sound cute.


2. Can’t you just say “baby?”


3. Can’t you just say his or her name?


4. Grammatically, it does not make sense to describe someone as your “before anyone else.”


5. Beyonce is actually the only BEY out there.


6. The average person who would use “bae” seriously is probably cheating on said “bae” so don’t be that person.


7. You’re probably too old to use “bae” seriously if you’re reading this article… assuming you are a 20-something and not in high school.


8. No one around you knows what “bae” even means because they are old too.


9. We all know you’re the only person who comes before anyone else. Let’s not lie here. You come before “bae” duh.


10. Bae is stupid. So, like, stop trying to still make bae happen. It’s not going to happen.


Samantha Matt

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